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Social Justice Summer Retreat

This year the Retreat was held from August 25th to 28th, with the main theme being
“Age of Austerity: Separate Struggles, Common Foe.”

Where: Camp Arowhon, Algonquin Park
When: August 25th to August 28th, 2011

The theme:

The lingering effects of the 2008 financial collapse, stubbornly high unemployment, more part-time work without benefits, stagnant or falling pay and diminished pensions signal the fact that the financial crisis will be paid for by workers. Governments show no sign of reversing the tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy that have helped plunge public finances into deficit. Severe cutbacks to social programs are certain to follow. Unionized workers in public and private sectors are under increasing pressure to give up collectively bargained salary and benefits won over more than a quarter century. We are now in an Age of Austerity where common struggles unite workers around the globe. The questions are all too familiar: How can we build coalitions to protest cuts and the loss of democratic controls?; How can we preserves jobs, wages and the social benefits that help maintain community and the social and economic equality that are a vital part of it. Workshops and plenary sessions will develop strategies to build movements and again this year will focus on activist training and skill building.

This annual event brings together people from a variety of social movements – activists from all walks of life. You, friends and family are invited to join us for a wonderful time of relaxation and renewal.

Here’s how your days might be filled:

  • workshops and plenary sessions on how to build a strong culture of activism
  • free time at the waterfront with swimming, boating and nature trails
  • evenings with music and film, story tellers and campfires
  • being as solitary or as social as you wish


Who will be there?

Those that protest for global justice and against poverty or those fighting for safe drinking water and against climate change, decent jobs, and human rights – everyone trying to make a difference, be they from inside organizations, inside politics, inside or outside the system. We welcome activists from all walks of life: everyone from the First Nations, labour, the faith community, environmentalists, low income groups, equity seeking groups, youth and students.

If you self-identify as someone trying to make our world a better place, please join us.

For those with children, childcare is provided for children aged 3+ during hours when there is retreat programming. Activities are also arranged for young teenagers.

What is the cost?

Registration includes accommodations in cabins, all your meals, and full access to camp facilities.

Early Bird (ends August 4, 2011)- $205

Regular Registration (after August 4, 2011) - $225
Children 5-12 years - $125
Children 2-4 years - $98
Children 0-2 years - Free

Transportation from downtown Toronto (round trip via coach bus) - $61/passenger

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