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Sep 12, 2019 - Book Launch - Martin Lukacs: The Trudeau Formula

When: Thursday September 12th, 7pm
Where: Workers' Action Centre, 720 Spadina Ave.

Book launch and Q&A with The Trudeau Formula author Martin Lukacs, in conversation with Judy Rebick and Russ Diabo, and moderator, Sharmeen Khan.

After a decade of Stephen Harper, the arrival of Justin Trudeau felt like a relief. But as Canadians reckon with the gulf between the dazzling promise of Trudeau's election and the grim reality of his government, journalist Martin Lukacs makes the case that "real change" was never on the table.

Drawing on investigative research and first-hand reporting, he reveals that behind the new wave of Trudeaumania was a slick status-quo political machine, backed by a cast of corporate elites and lobbyists who expected a pay-off from Liberal rule in Ottawa.

Lukacs exposes a climate plan hatched in collaboration with Big Oil, the arming of a bloody Saudi war in Yemen, a reconciliation industry that has masked ongoing theft of Indigenous lands, and the sell-off of public infrastructure to private profiteers--a re-branded continuation, not a break, from Harper's legacy.

Sponsored by the Socialist Project, The Centre for Social Justice, and the Council of Canadians-Toronto chapter | Facebook event
Aug 21, 2019 - A Rebel's Guide To Howard Adams

When: Wednesday August 21st, 7:30pm
Where: Workers Action Center, 720 Spadina Ave

On Wednesday August 21, our "Spring into Socialism" discussion series continues with Jesse McLaren kicking off a conversation about the socialism of Howard Adams, a Metis Marxist and leader of the Red Power movement in Canada.

Facebook event
Aug 22, 2019 - $15 and Fairness canvass at Christie Pits

When: Thursday August 22nd, 5:30pm
Where: Christie Pits (Bloor and Christie)

Join the Fight for $15 and Fairness for an outreach blitz at Christie Pits! We'll meet at the south-west entrance by Christie and Bloor.

While the government is taking a vacation, we will out talking to workers about the need to strengthen their rights at work!

Facebook event
Aug 23, 2019 - Expropriate 214-230 Sherbourne

When: Friday August 23rd, 8:30pm
Where: 230 Sherbourne St.
Free event with a meal, child-friendly, wheelchair access.

OCAP is fighting to stop the sale of 214-230 Sherbourne - a series of 7 vacant properties at the southwest corner of Dundas and Sherbourne - to condo developers. Instead, we've proposed a plan that would build between 150 to 260 units of public-owned rent-geared-to-income housing on that land. The fight won't be easy, but we can take inspiration from battles of the past and present.

So join us for an outdoor summer movie screening, complete with dinner and popcorn, at the site as we feature short films that profile resistance that stopped evictions and forced the City to build public housing.