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May 31, 2020 - Marx, Nature and the Metabolic Rift

When: Sunday May 31st, 2pm

Martin Empson - author of Land and Labour - Marxism, Ecology and Human History and editor of System Change not Climate Change
Merv King - Indigenous activist and member of the United Steelworkers

The Covid-19 crisis has exposed the many failures of capitalism. Not only is the system incapable of taking care of those who need it during a crisis or of paying "essential workers" a living wage, it has also exposed that the relationship with the natural world is devastatingly skewed. The pursuit of profit, above all else, has destroyed the natural balance in the global environment. Marx described this phenomena as the metabolic rift.

In Canada this can be seen clearly as our politicians spend billions to prop up a dead industry in the tar sands while the basic needs of most people are not met.

Please join us on Sunday May 31 for this important forum where we will dig into the politics of why and how capitalism has created this dangerous imbalance and what we can do together to stop the destruction of the planet.

For more information contact for the zoom link.
May 31, 2020 - Revitalizing a Canada-Wide Peace Movement

Online: Sunday May 31st, 4pm

A strategy session was planned for Sunday, May 31, 2020, in Ottawa following the #NoWar2020/No CANSEC peace conference to focus on revitalizing a Canada-wide peace/anti-war movement. Because the conference is canceled due to Covid-19, we are hosting the conversation online instead. You are invited to join us for this strategy session to envision and co-create a revitalized Canada-wide peace movement.

Jun 2, 2020 - Is It Time to Re-examine Limits on Workplace Free Expression?

When: June 2nd, 8pm EDT

Constitutional protection for free expression does not extend to the workplace. To the contrary, most employees face many restrictions on their free expression, which only seem to be expanding in the era of social media. Join a panel of experts in exploring what those restrictions are, how they are changing, and what are the consequences for the employees, the employer and society, especially in times of crisis like now when essential workers are being stopped from informing the public of concerns about their workplaces.


* David Hutton, Co-founder of the Whistleblowing International Network, management consultant, Senior Fellow of the Centre for Free Expression
* Danielle McLaughlin, Former Director of Education, Canadian Civil Liberties Association
* Charles Smith, Associate Professor of Political Science. St. Thomas More College at the University of Saskatchewan and Co-Editor of Labour/ Le Travail

Moderator: James L. Turk, Director, Centre for Free Expression, Ryerson University.
Jun 4, 2020 - When Poverty Mattered: Then and Now

When: Thursday June 4th, 7pm

Author Paul Weinberg in discussion with David Buchbinder

How the RCMP Security Service, a prominent right wing columnist and the extreme right targeted the Toronto-based Praxis social research institute and anti-poverty activists in the late 60s and early 70s is the subject of Paul Weinberg's new book, When Poverty Mattered, Then and Now. The author engages in a conversation with musician David Buchbinder, whose father, social work professor Howard Buchbinder, moved from St. Louis to take up a poverty research job at Praxis, assuming it was all smooth sailing here after fleeing the political turmoil in America.

Hosted by the United Jewish People's Order (UJPO) |