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Jul 18, 2019 - Unsettling the Myths of the 1969 Criminal Code Reform

When: Thursday July 18th, 6pm
Where: Gardiner Museum, 111 Queen's Park

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Omnibus Bill, which led to the so-called "decriminalization" of homosexuality in Canadian law. In conjunction with the Intimate Encounters ~ Animate Histories project, historian-activist Gary Kinsman will present his research around the mythologies of the 1969 Criminal Code reform, considering the broader contexts of the bill and the subsequent histories of policing downtown Toronto's queer communities.

Inspired by local queer 'cruising' histories of nearby Queen's Park, artist Abdi Osman of Intimate Encounters ~ Animate Histories leads a walking excursion around the park grounds. Thinking through how the park's extensive re-gentrification project obscures histories of queerness in the city, this outdoor activity also considers how urban practices like landscaping, architectural design, surveillance, and policing have been employed for these same purposes.
Jul 18, 2019 - No Freedom to Hate: Resisting Racism

When: Thursday July 18th, 6pm
Where: CRC at 40 Oaks, 40 Oak Street

The resurgence of the far-right has intensified existing racism in society. Violence and hate crimes against Jews and Muslims have been particularly notable in their brazenness. The perpetrators of this hatred draw inspiration from, and in turn, form the enthusiastic base of, politicians like Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, Andrew Scheer, Maxime Bernier and others.

Such politicians favour dog-whistles over explicit racism to signal their support for racist ideas while trying to remain acceptable to the broader public. The result is a bizarre reversal where the incitement of hate is justified as free speech and opposition to it is panned as intolerance.

Our best shot at defeating the escalating attacks on everything from our income and housing, to our very existence lies in unity. But in order to build it, we must understand how hate is being mobilized to grow division, recognize how it infiltrates our lives, and learn to challenge it effectively.

Speakers: Azeezah Kanji, Daniel Karasik, and Cedar Hopperton.

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Jul 20, 2019 - Decolonizing the Heart Workshop

When: Saturday July 20th, 9:30am - 5pm
Where: Toronto United Mennonite Church, 1774 Queen Street E.
For Pay What You Can registrants we ask you pay the minimum $25.00 to guarantee your attendance - we'll make adjustments with you at the end of the day of the workshop.

Deep Learning for Deep Change

So, you've done a KAIROS Blanket Exercise, now what?

You feel helpless at how messed up the world is, what do you do?

You want to work with people - but they seem so different. Where do you begin?

This is a workshop to address questions like these. Reconciliation requires building relationships; building relationships requires more than coming together over issues; decolonizing our own hearts is necessary before we can work together for transformation.
Jul 20, 2019 - Rally Against OSAP Cuts

When: Wednesday July 20th, 2pm
Where: Queen's Park

On January 25th, over ten thousand students rallied at Queen's Park for the March Against OSAP Cuts. Months later, as students across Ontario apply for the funds they need to pursue their education, it is clear; the Doug Ford Government's cuts to OSAP are worse than anyone predicted.

Half a year later, we're returning to Queen's Park, to continue the fight to save education in Ontario. Whether you're a student, a teacher, or a parent, now is the time to stand with your community. On July 10th, join us at Queen's Park, and help #SaveOSAP!

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