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Jan 30, 2019 - The Yellow Vests Confront Macron

When: Wednesday January 30th, 6:30pm
Where: WAC, 720 Spadina Ave, 2nd floor (suite 202)

Immediately following his victory in the May 2017 elections, French president Emmanuel Macron set about pushing through an aggressive program of pro-business restructuring and cutbacks, stamping out unrest among workers and students. So much so that in its May 2018 issue, Forbes magazine hailed him as the "Leader of the Free Markets." And yet, just a few short months later, the ongoing Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) protest movement has plunged Macron and his majority government into profound crisis. Who are the Gilets Jaunes, and why have they succeeded where others failed? What are the movement's prospects and what do these historic developments mean for the Left, in France and beyond?

* Karen Wirsig is a union organizer with the Canadian Media Guild and former journalist.
* Nathan Rao is a translator and writer from Toronto, living in Paris since 2012, where he supports the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA).
* Stefan Kipfer teaches in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University, and writes on politics and planning in Toronto and Paris.
Feb 4, 2019 - Launching the Socialist Register 2019

When: Monday February 4th, 7pm
Where: Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St W (near Dufferin)

The World Turned Upside Down -- a panel discussion with Nicole Aschoff, Sam Gindin, Colin Leys and Leo Panitch, chaired by Greg Albo.

SR 2019 poses two overarching questions for the new period opened by the Trump election and the continued growth of right-wing nationalisms. Is there an unwinding of neoliberal globalization taking place, or will globalization continue to deepen, but still deny the free cross-border movement of labor? Would such an unwinding entail an overall shift in power and accumulation to specific regions of the Global South that might overturn the current world order and foster the disintegration of the varied regional blocs that have formed?

Sponsored by: York University Book Store, Brunswick Books, Socialist Project, Centre for Social Justice and Socialist Register |
Jan 19, 2019 - Women March On Toronto

When: Saturday, January 19th, 12pm-3pm
Where: Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto City Hall

On January 19th, Women March On: Toronto invites you to join together in marching, resisting and making it clear to policymakers that we will not accept rollbacks and attacks on our communities.

This march, and this movement, began in solidarity with our sisters in the United States as they demonstrated their resistance to their country's new leadership. We march to bring awareness to the changes needed to build a safer, more inclusive Toronto. We are doing it again this year.

Facebook event | Meet at 11:40 at the North side of Nathan Phillips Square outside the main doors to City Hall. Look for the pink CUPE flags.
Jan 20, 2019 - Volunteer Training to Stop the Subway Rip-Off

When: Sunday, January 20th, 1pm
Where: 34 St Patrick St.

The province has threatened to break apart the TTC by taking over the subway system we paid for and maintain. Will the province sell off subway assets, like Jeff Yurek, the Transportation Minister, promises and as it did with Highway 407 and Hydro One? The province has already contracted out aspects of transit, like the Presto system and the maintenance of new LRT lines. If they rip-off our subway system, we could see higher fares, reduced service, and less democratic control by Toronto's residents.

But we can still do something about this. TTCriders is ramping up the campaign in the new year by organizing subway stop canvases, door knocking, and lit drops. Will you join us?

Facebook event