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The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) conducts research, education and advocacy on issues of equality and democracy.

It works to strengthen movements for social justice in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and globally.

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Capitalism vs. Ecology

Discussion series on ecology, economy, and social justice:
Capitalism vs. Ecology: We Need to Change Everything!

  1. Jan 11: Discussion of Naomi Klein's new book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate (YouTube)
  2. Feb 1: Environmental Justice, the Tar Sands, and Indigenous Rights (YouTube)
  3. Feb 22: Green Jobs: The Newest Challenge for Workers and Unions (YouTube)
  4. Mar 15: Climate and Capitalism: Climate Change Impacts on the Global South and Inadequate UN Agreements (YouTube)
  5. Apr 12: Green Cities Against Neoliberal Urbanism? Urban Planning and Toronto Politics (YouTube)
  6. May 24: Carbon Markets and Neoliberal Capitalism (YouTube)
  7. June 21: Capitalism vs. Ecology: We Need to Change Everything! Resistance and Alternatives (YouTube)

New Publication

Austerity Against DemocracyAusterity Against Democracy: An Authoritarian Phase of Neoliberalism?

From its very beginnings, the new doctrine was quite consciously set in opposition to socialism as an alternate economic and democratic order to capitalism and as an unyielding defender of the institutions of private property. In its specific programmatic mandate, neoliberalism was an offspring of the Great Depression and set against Keynesian state intervention. But however much its protagonists set themselves up as outsiders, neoliberalism was never an alien political doctrine to economic and political elites of Western Europe and North America: neoliberal ideas were always incorporated as a legitimate component of state policy discussions.

Written by Greg Albo and Carlo Fanelli.