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What to Bring to Camp Arowhon

What to Bring to Camp Arowhon:

Don't forget to bring BEDDING (a sleeping bag and pillow, or sheets, blankets and pillow) In a jam, the Camp can rent you bedding for $15 for the weekend -- but they only have 7 sets.

Don't forget a FLASHLIGHT

Don't forget your bathing suit

Please bring your musical instruments 

Here's what the Camp recommends for a typical 3-day visit:

4 pairs of socks                                                        
4 pairs of underwear                                                            
2 or 3 pairs of pants                                                 
2 pairs of shorts                                                                               
3 or 4 T-shirts
1 long sleeved shirt                                                  
1 sweater or sweatshirt                                           
1 pair of pyjamas                                                                 
2 pairs of running shoes (1 to get wet)                                                                  
1 raincoat                                                                  
1 hat
1 towel                       
1 bathing suit                                                
1 jacket

1 sleeping bag & pillow
2 blankets, sheet and a pillow

Toilet Kit
toothbrush, toothpaste
shampoo, etc.
menstrual products

Optional Equipment
insect repellent – natural
rubber boots
phone card

Phones --  There are two pay phones here for CSJ use, but you require a "phone card", credit card or you can call collect.  The camp does not sell phone cards.

The Camp's photocopier, office telephones and fax machines will not be available.

For the safety and enjoyment of all the camp asks you not to bring the following items:
Portable stereos, Electronic games, Knives, Fireworks, Nuts or Seeds.

Also, please do not wear perfumes as some of our participants are sensitive to them.