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The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) conducts research, education and advocacy on issues of equality and democracy.

It works to strengthen movements for social justice in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and globally.

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Your contribution is of vital importance to the cause of social change in Ontario and Canada. This is going to be an important coming year for social justice struggles. The inspiring Women’s Marches of the last years; the numerous actions against climate change, extreme weather and loss of species; and the hundreds of demonstrations in support of migrant rights were a good start. Protests are growing. We could not keep the Centre’s programming going without your financial support. The neoliberal austerity agenda has taken a dangerous hard right turn with Trump and Ford in power. We need to meet this challenge, and work feverishly for an alternate agenda. We want to thank all of you who have helped us fund programming. socialjustice.org/donate.

Conscious Minds Camp 2015 Report

Conscious Minds Camp 2015 ran for 11 days in August with thirty-five youth, plus adults, elders, and children, from eleven different towns and cities across Southern Ontario. Conscious Minds Camp (CMC) is a collaborative leadership camp developed by and for youth and young adults to heal, learn and grow. In the face of climate change and extreme inequality, there is a pressing need to cultivate ecological and equitable practices for a liveable and healthy future. Yet the current education system is slow and resistant to teaching youth the skills and resources we need to be competent and active citizens of this future. Download full report www.consciousmindscamp.org