The Centre for Social Justice strengthens the struggle for social justice with community research, education and advocacy that narrows the gap in income, wealth and power, and enhances democracy, peace and human security.

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About CSJ

The Centre for Social Justice is an advocacy organization that seeks to strengthen the struggle for social justice. We are committed to working for change in partnership with various social movements and recognize that effective change requires the active participation of all sectors of our community. Although the Centre is based in Ontario, our work increasingly takes us across Canada and into the international arena. The programmatic content of the Centre's work may change from year to year, but there is an on-going interest in working strategically to narrow the gap between rich and poor, challenging the corporate domination of Canadian politics, and pressing for policy changes that promote economic and social justice. The Board of Directors is drawn from our partnerships with community and faith groups, unions and universities.


In the 10 years of its operation the Centre for Social Justice has brought together activists from unions, universities, faith communities and social movements within Canada and South America in a partnership on social justice issues.

Democracy & Corporate Power

Over the past thirty years, a power shift has been taking place--out of the hands of citizens and nation states and into the hands of transnational corporations (TNCs).

Democracy & corporate power

Economic Inequality

A select group of wealthy Canadians are taking home fat pay cheques sweetened with bonuses and stock options. Meanwhile, a growing number of working people are seeing their incomes drop.

Economic Inequality

Racial Inequality

If you live in Toronto and you're not white, you stand a greater chance of living in poverty.

Racial Inequality
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4th Project

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Draft Project

This is a new project draft. It is a big project or something.

Tell Ford: Act NOW to keep our schools open and safe

In order for schools to remain open safely, swift measures are urgently required to suppress community spread of Covid-19. Premier Ford has ignored advice from medical experts such as the Ontario Hospital Association and Toronto Public Health, who have urged reverting hot spots to Stage 2. Add your voice to call for Premier Ford to […]

Stop investing the Canada Pension Plan in fossil fuels

How is your pension investing your retirement savings in the face of the climate crisis? That’s a critical question. Ensuring a prosperous retirement and a healthy planet requires ambitious action from your pension plan now. Canada’s top ten pension funds alone manage over $1.5-trillion. How these funds invest your retirement dollars is a major factor […]