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October 27, 2022



No to Canadian Military Intervention in Haiti

Take one minute to stand in solidarity with the Haitian people by sending a letter to Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly and the opposition party critics.

The US and Canada are preparing a new foreign military intervention in Haiti. But, Haitians have been calling for Canada to respect their sovereignty and stop dictating to them, not another foreign military occupation.



Inaugural CensureUofT Lecture

When: October 27th, 6pm
Where: Moot Court, J250, 78 Queens Park

Join us to celebrate the collective success of the campaign and to continue the work of defending academic freedom, fighting systemic racism, and refusing the ‘Palestine exception’ in higher education!


Are prisons obsolete?

When: Thursday October 27th, 6pm
Where: Second Student Centre, Convention Centre
Tickets: $2 for students and $5 for community members

As marginalized communities continue to navigate what abolition and a call to defund the police truly means, many still ask- are prisons obsolete? Join the YFS for this thought-provoking discussion with activist, Dr. Angela Davis and Dr. Yusef Salaam, a member of the exonerated Central Park Five, as they speak on the police and abolition through the lens of their work and experiences.

Presented by York Federation of Students (YFS) | Facebook poster

The U.S. Proxy War in Ethiopia and Eritrea

When: October 27th, 7pm

Sanctions and Human Rights Intervention


TWHP Book Club

When: October 27th, 7pm

Join the Toronto Workers’ History Project book club – Shut Up, You’re Pretty by Tea Mutonji.

We meet bi-monthly via Zoom at 7:00 pm (usually on a Thursday) and read a book that has been selected by the group.

Newsletter | Zoom.us

History, Theory and Politics

When: Friday October 28th, 2:30pm
Where: 519 Kaneff Tower at York University

In this talk, Ken C. Kawashima will discuss how Uno’s Theory of Crisis can inform and guide the analysis of capitalism’s historical crises, and how it gives us a theoretical grasp of Marx’s Capital that emphasizes the concepts of labour-power, excess capital, and surplus populations. In this regard, Uno’s Theory of Crisis is very different from orthodox Marxist approaches to Capital. Kawashima will discuss the political implications of Uno’s Theory of Crisis for today.


Learn Organizing Skills to Win Health Justice!

When: Oct 29, at 9am to 5
Where: Toronto Metropolitan University
Ticket: $10

Are you involved in the health care sector and passionate about making positive social change? This course is for you.

During this one-day, in-person and on zoom workshop from the Institute for Change Leaders and the Douglas Coldwell Layton Foundation, lead instructors Rahat Hossain, MD Psychiatry resident and Olivia Chow will teach you.


VOW’s Annual General Meeting

When: October 29th, 1pm

We will present a fantastic Youth Panel on Peace, Disarmament and Climate Justice, that will be moderated by Tamara Lorincz, VOW’s Senior Researcher and Campaigner:

– Lia Holla, Executive Director, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War Canada
– Kasha Sequoia Slavner, Gen-Z Award-Winning Documentary Film Maker
– Anjali Rao, VOW Student Intern, University of Toronto Student
– Sarah Rohleder, VOW Peace Campaign Intern, University of British Columbia Student



When: November 1st, 11am
Where: Queen’s Park, 111 Wellesley St. W.

For more info: ODSPActionCoalition@gmail.com, odcoalition.com.


Canada’s Role in Haiti

When: November 1st, 7pm

Crisis and Uprising: Canada’s Role in Haiti


They Called Us Heroes

When: November 2nd, 8pm
Where: Cineplex Square One, Mississauga

This documentary chronicles the deep struggles and pain SEIU Healthcare members endured over the course of the pandemic and will serve as an important historical record of the incredible role that these members played, and the sacrifices they made, throughout the pandemic.



The New Finance Capital has Blurred the Line Between Industrial and Financial Corporations

By Stephen Maher and Scott Aquanno

Critical scholars and progressive politicians alike have today widely embraced the view that finance is a parasitical and corrosive force on the “real” industrial economy. According to this perspective, ‘financialization’ is a harbinger of the decline of American capitalism – forcing non-financial corporations to take a ‘short-termist’ outlook, and to restructure in ways that are dysfunctional to long-term economic health and stability. Yet such accounts obscure the ways in which, far from simply ‘hollowing out’ production, finance has in fact been integral to the capitalist globalization of recent decades.

Source: The Bullet No. 2706

Eleven Wrong Ideas About Climate

By Michael Lowy

In various speeches on climate and climate change, we find a large number of commonplace ideas, repeated a thousand times in all tones, which constitute wrong ideas, which lead, voluntarily or not, to ignoring the real issues, or to belief in pseudo-solutions. I am not referring here to negationist or denialist speeches, but to those that claim to be ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’. These are assertions of a very diverse nature: some are real manipulations, fake news, lies, mystifications; others are half-truths, or a quarter of the truth. Many of them are full of good will and good intentions – the road to hell, as we know, is paved with them.

Source: The Bullet No. 2707

While Ontario Struggles, Queen’s Park Stashes Cash

By Randy Robinson

Well, well. It seems the Ontario budget had a surplus last year. This is pretty surprising. Just last month, on August 9, provincial Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy tabled the 2022-23 Ontario budget. In that document, he estimated that the deficit for 2021-22, the fiscal year that ended in March, would be $13.5-billion. Instead, we found out Friday the province had a surplus last year of $2.1-billion. In other words, the minister’s estimate was off by over $15-billion.

Source: The Bullet No. 2708

Won’t Get Fooled Again

By Sean Purdy

Tens of millions of Brazilian progressives spent the three days before the October 2 general elections in an exalted state of semi-nirvana. Two massive polls (with over 12,000 respondents each) released on Thursday September 29 and Saturday October 1 showed ex-President Lula of the Workers’ Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores, PT) with a distinct chance of winning in the first round and substantial advantages for left-wing candidates in races for governor, the Federal Congress and State Assemblies around the country.

Source: The Bullet No. 2709

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