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January 5, 2023



Tell Doug Ford: Protect Affordable Housing!

Demoviction Bill 23 claims to solve the housing crisis by building more luxury condos and unaffordable single-family homes on wetlands and farmland. But it lacks any understanding of the problem and the true cost of losing rental replacement bylaws.

Rental replacement bylaws are a tool that cities can use during the redevelopment of affordable housing to require developers to replace the affordable units in the new development and offer them back to existing tenants at the same rent. They are a key protection that helps preserve the existing affordable/low-end of market housing in major Ontario Cities. Bill 23 gives the power to the Province to eliminate rental replacement bylaws which will, in turn, erode the remaining affordable housing in Ontario.



Movie Night with TWHP

When: January 5 to 10

Last year our book club read Scarborough by Catherine Hernandez, and we were impressed. Watching the film just increased our interest.

Many dismissed both the book and the film as too depressing. But we thought it showed RESILIENCY AND HOPE.



Peace activists will be on the streets from January 6-8, demanding that the Trudeau say no to the F-35 fighter jet deal. The No Fighter Jets campaign encourages peace-loving people across Canada to join demonstrations and activities across Canada for the weekend of action or to organize your own actions.

TORONTO, ON 12PM – Saturday, January 7 – Rally at office of Chrystia Freeland (344 Bloor St. W.) Host: Pax Christi Toronto and World BEYOND War.


Our City, Our Budget

When: January 9th, 5:30pm

Join Social Planning Toronto on January 9 to learn more about Toronto’s budget, the budget process, and how the budget affects the services you use every day — such as affordable housing, transit, community programs, libraries, and recreation.

We will cover the basics of the 2023 budget process, key dates, and how you can make your voice heard regarding the services and priorities important to you. You will hear from newly elected City Councillor Alejandra Bravo about the recent “strong mayor” change and how it affects Mayor Tory’s and Councillors’ powers, as well as the power that communities have to create change.


Speak up for better transit

When: January 12th, 7:30pm

Toronto City Councillors are voting soon about how much TTC fares cost and service levels: they need to hear from you! TTCriders will break down what is being proposed in the 2023 budget and how you can take action. There will be time to practice speaking about transit issues, and guidance on how to register to speak to City Councillors on January 17 or 18, 2023 (City of Toronto public budget hearing dates).


Leo Panitch School for Socialist Education

When: January 13th, 7pm
Where: 720 Bathurst St.

Curious about socialism? Interested in a discussion of whether it is really possible and a sober look at the problems it will face? Wondering why socialists put so much emphasis on the working class?

In these uncertain and dangerous times, the Leo Panitch School for Socialist Education is a space to listen, discuss and challenge the contemporary relevance of socialism. The school will provide an introduction to socialism, as well as a variety of courses and events that seek to expand on key aspects of socialist thought and practice. It will be a gathering place for both those already sympathetic to socialism but looking to learn more and those new to socialist ideas and full of questions.

As such, we are thrilled to officially announce the launch of the school at a very special event on January 13, 2023, 7pm. Featured will be an introduction of the school and a guest lecture by Bryan D. Palmer, Professor Emeritus at Trent University, on the topic of “Capitalism, Colonialism, and Canada: How the past is before us.”



Reinventing Work /w Mike Yates

The Socialist Project is proud to present “Reinventing Work,” a launch event for Work, Work, Work: Labor, Alienation, and Class Struggle, the insightful new book by Mike Yates. Join us for this special online event, featuring a presentation from Mike on the book’s perspective and its relevance to today’s moment. Leanne MacMillan and Herman Rosenfeld, both retired union staff persons, comment on how the issues raised in Mike’s book relate to Ontario and Canada today.

Source: LeftStreamed

How US Converted Taiwan Into a Launchpad for War with China

By Nizar K. Visram

When the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan on 2 August 2022, it predictably enraged China because the island is part of China. The visit was thus a condescending challenge to China especially when it was backed up by a US aircraft carrier battle group and military jets.

Source: The Bullet No. 2756

Elon Musk’s Twitter Capitalism

By Christian Fuchs

As of November 2022, Elon Musk was the richest man in the world, with a fortune of $195-billion (US). In late October 2022, he bought social media platform Twitter for $44-billion. With over 430 million monthly active users, Twitter was ranked the sixteenth-most popular social network worldwide in 2022.

Source: The Bullet No. 2757

Capitalism, Colonialism, Canada: How the Past is Before Us

By Bryan Palmer

Capitalism and colonialism are the undeniable foundations of modern Canada. As reciprocal systems of appropriation and accumulation, they combined to produce the hegemonic hold of an ethos of possessive, acquisitive individualism, structuring economic development, state formation, and the social relations of everyday life.

Source: The Bullet No. 2758


Sales and Administrative Assistant

A Different Booklist is seeking to hire a Sales and Administrative Assistant to manage our Institutional Orders and Sales.

The opening is for a permanent, full-time employee who will be able to handle the processing of all sales orders received, from the point of receiving the order to the final shipment.

Applicants must have experience in sales and have excellent customer service, administrative and computer skills.

Applicants should also have a close involvement with the Caribbean Community and have a passion for reading and books.

Please submit your resume to adifferentbooklist756@gmail.com.


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