The CSJ Foundation for Research and Education publishes reports and educational materials on social and economic issues. Its current program involves research on the growing gap between rich and poor, the corporate influence on public policy, and the search for policy alternatives.

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Austerity Against Democracy

Greg Albo and Carlo Fanelli
Published in 2014

An Authoritarian Phase of Neoliberalism? From its very beginnings, the new doctrine was quite consciously set in opposition to socialism as an alternate economic and democratic order to capitalism and as an unyielding defender of the institutions of private property. In its specific programmatic mandate, neoliberalism was an offspring of the Great Depression and set […]

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Financial Meltdown

Leo Panitch, Sam Gindin et. al.
Published in 2010

Canada, The Economic Crisis and Political Struggle A publication by The Socialist Project and The Centre for Social Justice explores the roots of the current financial crisis, proposing equitable alternatives for Canada and beyond. With contributions by Leo Panitch, Sam Gindin, Greg Albo, David McNally, John Clarke and more.

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Challenges for Urban Social Justice Movements

Greg Albo
Published in 2009

Neoliberal Urbanism, the Canadian City and Toronto Report Prepared for the Centre for Social Justice Toronto, Ontario – December 2009 Neoliberal globalization has played itself out in the politics of Canadian cities over and over again through the last two decades. The internationalization of financial markets, the geographical restructuring of manufacturing, and the consumer debt […]

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