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May 20, 2021 - Sisters of the Roundtable: Self-Care Social

When: May 20th, 7pm

Join us for an evening of meditation, labour bingo, and prizes! Brought to you by the Women's Committee, Toronto and York Region Labour Council.

All women and non-binary folks are welcome!
May 18, 2021 - A Song for Milagro

When: May 18th, 8pm

The International Network for the Freedom of Milagro Sala invites you to participate in the International Virtual Festival for the freedom of Milagro on May 18th, the 240th anniversary of the execution of Tupac Amaru. Artists from different countries will sing to Milagro.

May 18, 2021 - Pack the Public Galleries of the Ontario Legislature #FordFailedSeniors

When: Tuesday May 18th, 10:30am

We can't fill the Legislature physically during the shutdown but we can organize thousands of Ontarians to pack the Public Galleries virtually for Question Period.

Pour on the pressure. Make the Ford government take responsibility and commit to finally fix LTC.

Register to be there and hold Ford accountable. Email with your name and town so we can tell the opposition parties you are there. Use the subject line FordFailedSeniors so we can easily spot your email. Include a sentence or two if you have a personal experience with long-term care for the opposition parties to raise if they can, pushing for key changes.
May 16, 2021 - Class Struggle and Union Organizing at Amazon

When: Sunday May 16th, 2pm

Join us for a presentation and roundtable discussion on class struggle and union organizing at Amazon warehouses with Alessandro Delfanti and Amazon workers and organizers Ira and Fathia.

A central political challenge for the Left today is to organize gig workers across the sectors of digital capitalism into unions. High-tech corporations such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook have quickly become one of - if not the - most powerful sectors of contemporary capitalism, and these and other companies have been equally creative and vicious in keeping their operations all but free of unions. The struggle to organize and unionize workers in "Big Tech" has recently become concentrated on Amazon, the pivotal company in the new logistics of distribution and retail, and now, one of the largest employers on the planet, next to Wal-Mart and US Department of Defense.

Organized by Socialist Project and Centre for Social Justice |
May 15, 2021 - TPFF Nakba Commemoration

When: May 15th, 12pm - May 16th, 9pm

Join us in commemorating the 73rd year of Al Nakba with a special film screening and artist discussion. The film will run May 15-16, 2021.

MAY 15: Artist talk and studio visit with the renowned Palestinian artist Samia Halaby. The talk will be live streamed our our Facebook and YouTube at 5pm EST.

MAY 15-16: Worldwide screening of the critically-acclaimed film, You Come From Far Away by Amal Ramsis. The film will be available on-demand, from May15th at 12pm EST until May 16th, 9pm EST.

Facebook event | YouTube
May 12, 2021 - Mayworks 21

When: May 5 - 16

Mayworks actively engages in a social dialogue that reimagines and represents economic and environmental justice. From the organizing efforts of factory workers at Amazon to the hidden connections between the extractive industries and our cultural institutions, artists and organizers share their insights and reaffirm the possibilities of collective action. The works of this year's festival emerge in the middle of a global pandemic that has further exposed the violence of racialized capitalism.

We invite you to check out our website or download the program to start planning ahead for any of our events that catch your eye or your interest. Please keep in mind that some of our online encounters require registration.

- Sunday May 9 - 16: "Sorry We Missed You" (2019), by Ken Loach
- Monday, May 17 - Saturday, May 31: Latin@merica: Embedding bodies and localities, in conversation with Eva Salinas