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Apr 2, 2020
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April 2, 2020


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Enact legislation stopping the payment of rent on April 1st
An Urgent Message for Doug Ford and Steve Clark:

Enact legislation stopping the payment of rent on April 1st for all residential tenants in Ontario!

Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, people across the province of Ontario people are facing layoffs, work closures, and public health directives to stay home and self-isolate or practice social distancing. This is causing significant financial hardship for working families across the province and it is only the beginning. Experts believe that this will not be resolved in the coming weeks. The province of Ontario has taken important steps by banning evictions and enacting legislation to protect the jobs of workers who need to stay home because of COVID-19. But it is not enough. For most people, not working means not earning sufficient income needed to pay for the necessities of life.



Apr 2, 2020 - Indigenous Self-Determination and COVID-19
When: Thursday April 2nd, 2 - 3pm
Where: Online Teach-In

Hosted by FridayForFuture's youth activists, this webinar will discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis disproportionately impact indigenous communities.

greenpeace.zoom.us/j/909065839 | Facebook event

Apr 2, 2020 - Passage live with Angella MacEwen
When: Thursday April 2nd, 4pm

Join Angella MacEwen, Senior Economist at CUPE National, for a discussion of the Federal government's economic response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, we will focus on the Emergency Response Benefit and how it will impact Canadians.


Apr 2, 2020 - Rising Majority Teach In
When: Thursday April 2nd, 7pm

Movement building in the time of the coronavirus -- with Angela Davis and Naomi Klein. #RisingMajority

Online registration: tiny.cc/TRMCV19

Apr 2, 2020 - Informational webinar on workers' rights during COVID-19
When: April 2nd, 7pm

How do you access Employment Insurance if you lost your job because of COVID-19? What can you do if your boss asks you to work in conditions that put your health at risk? What income supports can you get if you had to self-isolate?

To find out, join this free online workshop the Fight for $15 & Fairness Campaign is co-hosting with the Workers' Action Centre at 7:00 PM on Thursday, April 2. The webinar is open to all workers, regardless of your employment or immigration status.


Apr 3, 2020 - Global Climate Strike: Green New Deal, Green New Decade
When: Friday April 3rd, 12noon - 4pm

The Global Climate Strike is going online. Due to the novel COVID-19 virus, Fridays For Future Toronto will be moving our action online. Please join us virtually.

Our demands: Indigenous self determination. Liveable futures for all. Separation of oil and state. Universal public service and infrastructure . A just transition. Defending land, water and life. Justice for migrants and refugees. Zero carbon economy.

Green New Deal, Green New Decade!

Facebook event

Apr 3, 2020 - Zionism and Palestine
When: April 3rd, 4pm

The Jewish Sabbath, Shabbat, is a day for reflection, for good conversation, and now, for finding connection when we are physically isolated. Join us for a Shabbat conversation with Rabbi Linda Holtzman and Pastor Amy Yoder McGloughlin. Rabbi Linda will begin our time by welcoming us into Shabbat, and then we'll continue our conversation from our last webinar about Christian and Jewish Zionism and its impact on Palestine. This opportunity to talk will let us go deeply into the issues we just began to address and to share all of our stories, our feelings, and our insights into Zionism and Palestine.


Apr 4, 2020 - Equal Pay Day Online Rally
When: April 4th, 1pm

Equal Pay Day, April 4, 2020, marks the day women, on average, must work longer into the year to earn the same amount that men earned in the previous twelve months. But for women who face multiple forms of discrimination, they must work even longer into the year.

The current provincial government has taken many steps that erode protections against gender pay discrimination. No implementation of minimum wage increases. No sick days improvements. No Pay Transparency Act implementation. Cuts to violence against women services. Cuts to education. Government-led legal challenges to the Ontario Midwives. The list goes on and on.


Apr 5, 2020 - Palestinian & Israeli Responses to COVID-19
When: April 5th, 1pm

Khalil Abu Yahia, English Teacher & BDS activist, Gaza City

Edo Konrad, Editor-in-chief, +972 Magazine

Diana Buttu, Palestinian-Canadian lawyer, Haifa

Moderator: Lia Tarachansky, filmmaker, member of IJV-Toronto


Apr 15, 2020 - What is next in the Covid-19 crisis?
When: April 15th, 7:30pm

The next episode in the "rabble takes on Ottawa" webinar series will look at pressing issues around the COVID-19 pandemic -- for workers, for marginalized communities and consider the question of what the crisis means for addressing inequality and climate justice-- and we would love for you to join!

Join parliamentary reporter Karl Nerenberg; former NDP deputy leader and author of Outside In: A Political Memoir, Libby Davies; and special guests Winnipeg Centre MP Leah Gazan, and CCPA senior economist David Macdonald, for this exclusive online discussion.



Take the Plant, Save the Planet
On November 26, 2018, General Motors announced a number of plant closures in North America, the largest of which was in Oshawa, Ontario. The Oshawa facility, once the largest auto complex on the continent, was to end all its assembly operations by the end of 2019.

The issue is not simply a matter of bringing the environmental movement and the labour movement together; each must be transformed if the sum is to be more than the currently limited parts. The environmental movement must raise itself to a new level by concretely engaging the working class and the labour movement must escape what for it has become an existential crisis. The threats and opportunities of the environmental crisis offer a chance for labour revival, but only if this incorporates a renewed approach to organizing, struggle, radical politics, and the maximization of informed membership participation.

Source: Socialist Interventions No. 17

Covid-19 Build Capacity in Public Non-Profit Healthcare
The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the extent to which our individual health is dependent on the health of everyone in our community. Public healthcare is our best defense against this crisis and others like it. However, our ability to endure crises and care for each other has been eroded through decades of austerity budgets, privatization and inadequate planning. Even during 'normal times', the healthcare system is at capacity. While healthcare workers and communities are struggling to support each other, corporate interests are trying to profit. This must be resisted. The solution is not privatization. Instead, we should be strengthening universal healthcare and our collective ability to care for one another.

Source: The Bullet No. 2030

How Market Reforms Made the NHS Vulnerable to Pandemics
By Colin Leys

A 2014 report warned that reforms to the National Health Service (NHS) would make it vulnerable to pandemics by making staff redundant, undermining public health and defining spare capacity as waste. It was ignored. The 2014 detailed report by two public health experts asked what Andrew Lansley's Health and Social Care Act, passed two years earlier, meant for the state's ability to protect its citizens when (not if) the next pandemic arrived.

Source: The Bullet No. 2031

Austerity and the Crisis in Healthcare
By Ontario Health Coalition

Ontario's government released its economic statement today (March 25). Overall, they are providing $3.3-billion for healthcare, another $3.7-billion in supports for people and businesses, and $10-billion for other deferrals and tax "relief." The Ontario Health Coalition's key message: The overall funding announcement for healthcare of $3.3-billion amounts to a funding increase of about 5 per cent. This is approximately what is needed to just to meet population growth, aging, inflation and utilization at not much more than current levels. Please note: that total includes the $1-billion COVID-19 contingency fund that the government announced today.

Source: The Bullet No. 2032

Waterfront Toronto: Google's de facto Development Arm in Canada
By Thorben Wieditz

Big tech's smart city initiatives aim at taking over governance and decision-making functions in cities around the world. While peer-to-peer platform giants like Uber and AirBnB have long been disrupting labour and housing markets, a current attempt by Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Alphabet, and sibling to Google, to develop data-driven infrastructure in Toronto not only aims to remake entire city districts, but also to subsequently privatize city governance, municipal services, land use planning, transit, housing and more. The current COVID-19 induced crisis may accelerate this trend under the banner of public health, online education and disease control, if we don't organize appropriately.

Source: The Bullet No. 2033

The Official Story of the Coronavirus Hides a Systemic Crisis: A View from Spain
By Joan Benach

The new coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) has many faces. The health-related facet has been thoroughly examined for weeks or, better said, scrutinized by the media, especially in countries like Spain and Italy, among others. From the last week of January to the time of writing this text (March 9), the coronavirus is known to have infected more than 114,000 people in more than 100 countries, with over 4,000 individual deaths caused by COVID-19. And it is more than likely that several thousand more deaths will be added to the count in the coming weeks or months, in what is already a pandemic.

Source: The Bullet No. 2034


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