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Aug 15, 2019
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August 15, 2019


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Tell Trudeau to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline
Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

I oppose the Canadian government’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline project and the use of $4.5-billion of public funds to pay for it. I further oppose plans to expand the pipeline and almost triple its capacity to carry bitumen from Alberta’s tar sands to B.C.’s fragile coast, which is expected to push the price tag to more than $15-billion.

I urge you to stop sinking money into pushing a pipeline that, if built, would break your promises to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, respect Indigenous rights, uphold our climate commitments under the Paris Agreement, steward our waterways, and protect good jobs in fisheries and tourism.


#trackthecuts to Public Education in Ontario
The Ontario Government has cut over $1.4-billion from public education since taking office in the fall of 2018, and announced many drastic and unpopular program changes. Now stories are emerging of classroom closures and program cancellations as these cuts begin to take effect.

This survey is designed to capture the direct impact of the funding cuts at the individual school level, by asking those who are seeing and feeling the changes most acutely - teachers, education workers, students, and parents.



Aug 15, 2019 - CGEU 2019 Conference: Building Solidarity Across Movements
When: Thursday August 15-18
Where: University of Toronto

CGEU 2019: Building Solidarity Across Movements comes at a time of growing resistance to austerity measures across North America. Student and labour movements are confronting major cuts to post-secondary education, public services, as well as a number of important social welfare programs. Now more than ever we are seeing an increase in social movement work and collaborative projects from student, labour and grassroots organizers as people from all walks of life mobilize to resist austerity measures.

This year CGEU looks at the intersections of our movements.
- How can students, workers and community activists unite the fight and organize across movements?
- How might our unique histories of organizing inform other movements and help us unite struggles for political, economic and social justice.
- How do we build power across movements?


Aug 15, 2019 - Tailgate Party for Public Transit
When: Thursday August 15th, 3:30pm
Where: 195 Norseman St, Etobicoke

Buck-a-beer? We want buck-a-fare! (and better service). That's why we're holding a tailgate party for public transit.

While we hand out hot dogs, we'll also be serving information about the provincial funding cuts to TTC and delays to our transit plans.

We are meeting at the office of MPP Christine Hogarth in Etobicoke-Lakeshore. The provincial government has taken the Waterfront LRT off their map and cut $1.1-billion in TTC funding over the next 10 years.


Aug 15, 2019 - Art and Mindfulness Workshop for Frontline Workers
When: Thursday August 15th, 6pm
Where: Grange Park, 317 Dundas Street W.

* Ewa Konart is an addictions counsellor and case worker. She has worked extensively in the community and has facilitated art workshops and projects that support conversations around mental health and systems change.

* Loretta is a community support worker and self taught visual artist. She uses drawing as part of a meditative practice and is interested in how art can play a role in individual as well as collective healing.

* Joanna Delos Reyes is a artist, musician, and community worker based in Toronto. She uses her background in art and social service work to develop programming that explores topics around cultural roots, self-expression, and compassion.

* Alida is a Community Support Worker with roots in community arts programming. She’s passionate about growing peer support networks and spaces in creative and inclusive ways!


Aug 15, 2019 - [Oshawa] We Are Oshawa & a Green New Deal
When: Thursday August 15th, 7pm
Where: Storie Park Club House, 101 Mill St, Oshawa

Your newly elected Executive Committee has been tasked with rebuilding We Are Oshawa. We refuse to sit idle while our community is confronted with the Ford government's attacks on workers, public services, and the most vulnerable in our province.

We are faced with a decision: sit back and hope things get better or take action and fight back.

In addition to the Ford government, we are also faced with the prospect of a federal Conservative government in October, a looming climate crisis, and an ever-growing global far-right movement that is also establishing itself in Oshawa. Now is the time to act.


Aug 16, 2019 - Animal Liberation Toronto Conference
When: August 16 - 19th

Join hundreds of activists in Toronto this summer to learn, be inspired, and take bold action for animals. The first annual Animal Liberation Toronto Conference will feature four days full of workshops on social change and strategies for success, training to prepare for taking action, networking and social events, and BOLD, MASS ACTIONS to demand change!


Aug 16, 2019 - Toronto Palestine Film Festival's 2019 Free Outdoor Screening!
When: Friday August 16th, 6pm
Where: Christie Pits, Bloor and Christie

We are launching the Toronto Palestine Film Festival's 12th year of celebrating Palestinian cinema with a free outdoor screening on Friday, August 16th!

Join us at Christie Pits Park in Toronto for an evening of music, food, joy and community before we watch a family-friendly Palestinian film together under the stars. This year's Party in the Pits will feature a souk/market with local Palestinian artisans and chefs.

This event is free and open to the public (donations welcome).

Facebook event

Aug 16, 2019 - Stir It Up: Anti-Gallery of Four Decades of Joyous Rebellion
When: Friday August 16th, 7pm
Where: USW Hall, 25 Cecil St.

An interactive exhibit of archival materials that tell the story of radical activism and community organizing in Toronto from 1980 to the present.

Alternative Toronto and OPIRG Toronto join forces to present a retrospective gallery celebrating 4 decades of actions, chants, DIY movements and art, as well as a blatant refusal to accept defeat on campus or in the community. Instead, we look forward to new futures by looking back at all of the work OPIRG and the communities we are part of have done through an anti-gallery of some of the most prominent movements and campaigns, as seen through banners, protest art, posters, and interactive media and storytelling. Community is grown, not built, and OPIRG Toronto has been a constant of the Toronto organizing and activist community for nearly 4 decades. Alternative Toronto is a digital community archive that is documenting the history of radical, countercultural, anti-racist and trans/feminist/queer organizing in Toronto from the vantage point of people who were there.

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Aug 18, 2019 - Stand With Kashmir Rally
When: Sunday August 18th, 10am
Where: Nathan Phillips Square

The people of Kashmir Valley are under complete lockdown. They are forbidden to venture outside their homes thereby preventing them from access to food, medicines or freedom of movement in violation of the Geneva Convention.

This urgency increased when on Monday, August 5, Article 370 of the Indian constitution was scrapped by the Indian government. The Indian leadership by unilaterally abrogating articles 35A and 370 of the Indian constitution that confer special status on the state of Jammu and Kashmir, have further inflamed an already tense situation in the region.

Facebook event

Aug 21, 2019 - A Rebel's Guide To Howard Adams
When: Wednesday August 21st, 7:30pm
Where: Workers Action Center, 720 Spadina Ave

On Wednesday August 21, our "Spring into Socialism" discussion series continues with Jesse McLaren kicking off a conversation about the socialism of Howard Adams, a Metis Marxist and leader of the Red Power movement in Canada.

Facebook event


Mass Mobilization Shakes Hong Kong
By Colin Sparks

Hong Kong is in the middle of its biggest strike since 1967. Businesses have shut down. Some bus drivers have been on strike. Tube lines have stopped running during the morning rush hour. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled. Thousands of mostly young demonstrators have occupied roads and shopping malls across the city. At 6pm six police stations were under siege, with demonstrators attempting to set one of them on fire, and police had fired teargas in attempts to disperse demonstrators occupying five major roads in different parts of the city.

Source: The Bullet No. 1870

India’s Kashmir Crackdown Poses Risk of War
By John Riddell

On August 5, India’s Hindu nationalist government unilaterally revoked the autonomy of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, while flooding the region with troops, imposing a curfew, and shutting down all communications. The state is to be broken in two, with the eastern portion (Ladakh) under direct rule by New Delhi. The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi shut down Internet connections, mobile phone services, and land-line phones in the besieged region. The fragmentary news that has trickled out speaks of arrests of leading politicians and widespread fear among the region’s 12 million inhabitants.

Source: The Bullet No. 1871

PC Government Plans Many More Healthcare Cuts
By Doug Allan

The Financial Accountability Office of Ontario (FAO) Economic and Budget Outlook review has identified planned government spending savings that come via [1] announced program changes (program cuts like the government’s cut to OHIP+), [2] announced efficiency targets (identified areas where the government hopes it will find savings without service cuts), and [3] cuts that have not yet been announced by the government. While the government has identified some spending cuts of type 1 or 2 above, the government’s spending plan needs billions of dollars in extra, unidentified and unannounced cuts to meet its savings targets according to the FAO.

Source: The Bullet No. 1872

Ways of Seeing Children: The Facile Psychology of Capitalism
By Judith Deutsch

If you are overcome by the horrific crimes committed against children and then wonder how such cruelty can be, it may help to understand stories that adults tell children in their day-to-day lives. What kinds of core beliefs justify so much atrocity? My understanding comes in part from psychoanalytic work with children and adults. From among countless children’s stories, I will focus here on Roger Hargreaves’ Little Miss Helpful and compare it to the Hobans’ A Birthday for Frances, and then touch on Israeli filmmaker Avi Mograbi’s revelatory documentary about the Masada and Samson heroic suicide-terrorism stories told to Israeli children as they grow up.

Source: The Bullet No. 1873


Learn Photography
Here's a free 10-part photography course on YouTube by professional photographer Chris Bray.

If you want to go beyond the "Auto" function with your camera and take great photo and video, Chris Bray has easy to follow instructions.

For example, he explains how Aperture, Shutter and ISO are related and affect each other to let just the right amount of light in the camera.

Chris Bray Photography


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