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Mar 21, 2019
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March 21, 2019


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Help stop the suicide epidemic in Nunavik
WHEREAS for more than a decade, the incidence of suicide among the young Indigenous people of Northern Canada has remained ten times or higher than the national average, and,

WHEREAS in recent months, Nunavik (Northern Quebec) have experienced an even greater epidemic of suicide by its youth.

THEREFORE, WE, the undersigned, fathers, mothers, grandparents, siblings, friends, and others, hereby urgently demand that:

The Prime Minister of Canada and the Premier of Quebec, immediately and publicly DECLARE the incidence of suicide in northern Quebec a National Crisis and publicly acknowledge that this is contrary to Canadian and Quebec ideals, values and principles, and contrary to the Honor of the Crown.



Mar 21 - 31, 2019 - Protect and improve our public healthcare!
The Ford government is proposing massive restructuring to hospitals, long-term care, home care, community care, mental health, etc. The new legislation, which has been forged with no public consultation whatsoever, will take away local control of healthcare services.

Protect our local health care services from mega-mergers and privatization. Protect and improve our public healthcare! NO to cuts and privatization!

Chatham: Thursday, March 21, 7 pm, St. Clair College, 1001 Grand Avenue West (Red Line Room)
Windsor: Friday, March 22, 6 pm, Royal Canadian Legion Ambassador Br. 143, 1570 Marentette Ave.
Sarnia: Saturday, March 23, 10 am, Royal Canadian Legion Br. 62, 286 Front St. N.
Stratford: Saturday, March 23, 3 pm, Royal Canadian Legion Br. 8, 804 Ontario St. B1.
London: Monday, March 25, 7 pm, London Public Library, 251 Dundas St. (Lawson Foundation Room)
Kitchener Waterloo: Tuesday, March 26, 7 pm, Kitchener City Hall (Rotunda)
City of Kawartha Lakes: Wednesday, March 27, 6 pm, Faith Christian Fellowship Church, 59 Mary St. W.
Wallaceburg: Thursday, March 28, 7 pm, Royal Canadian Legion Br. 18, 52 Margaret Ave.
Kingston: Thursday, March 28, 7 pm, Regiopolis-Notre Dame Catholic School, 130 Russell St.
Sudbury: Sunday, March 31, 12 pm, Royal Canadian Legion Br. 564, 22 Long Lake Road


Mar 21, 2019 - Save Our Subway! Pack Executive Committee
When: Thursday, March 21st, 9am – 11am
Where: Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen St W 2nd Floor, Committee Room 2

If City Council approves the "Save Our Subway" motion, they'll launch public consultations and an information campaign in stations, buses, and subways that will reach the TTC's 1.7 million transit riders.

It's exactly what we need to defend our subway from being taken over by the province – a plan that will delay the transit we need and let our system fall into disrepair.

Help us pack the meeting to encourage our Councillors to Save Our Subway! Council voted to delay this urgent motion until March 21st. It is critical that Executive Committee takes leadership and the next step in defending our transit system.

Facebook event

Mar 21, 2019 - Rally: #UniteAgainstRacism
When: March 21st, 5:30pm
Where: Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen Street W.

On March 21, the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, join us at Nathan Phillips Square at 5:30pm to celebrate the power of our communities, and say no to racism and xenophobia. We will be joining with people across the country who are taking action in their own communities.

Please bring a pair of shoes that represents migrant and refugees crossing borders, working in the fields, shops and homes, living in fear, facing exploitation and police violence. These shoes could represent your own experience or someone that you know who has had to overcome many struggles in working or migrating. The shoes will contribute towards an action that will take place during the rally. You can leave the shoes, or take them back with you. Grassroots organizations that work with migrants, refugees and their families will be planning various activities in the Square as part of the event.


Mar 21, 2019 - Palestine in Our Hearts: A Thorn in the Flesh of Imperialism
When: Thursday March 21st, 6:30pm
Where: University College Rm 52

We are currently living in an unprecedented stage of capitalist imperialism. This is despite, or in fact, because of the decline of the unipolar world power (the US) and the rise of a multipolar one. The monstrosity of this imperialist stage has crossed all human, ethical and international legal conventions. In addition to targeting Venezuela, Palestine is at the core of imperialist intervention in the Middle East, as Dr. Nahla Abdo’s keynote address will explore.

Facebook event

Mar 21, 2019 - Uber-Capitalism: Platform Mobility/Mobilizing Workers
When: March 21st, 6:30pm
Where: CSI Annex, Room #4 (3rd flr), 720 Bathurst St.

After launching almost a decade ago, the transportation network corporations Uber and Lyft rapidly expanded their operations into cities around the world, disrupting taxi unions, degrading labour rights and diminishing public transit ridership. While “uber-capitalism” was incubated in the USA, the global system’s technological-core, ride-hailing corporations are emerging around the world, and workers from New York City to Jakarta are organizing to challenge their deleterious social effects.

In this session of The Capitalism Workshop, Bronwyn Frey examines some of the worker organizational strategies emerging within Indonesia’s vast informal transportation sector, where precarity is longstanding and perhaps less exceptional than in the West. Frey highlights how motorcycle taxi (ojek) drivers in the city of Bandung are collectively responding to the precarious platform labour regime of Go-Jek, a major Indonesian ride-hailing firm. Although highly antagonistic towards each other, ojek pangkalan (older-style informal-sector drivers) and HDBR (a grassroots app-based driver association) use similar organizational strategies to establish claims to their working lives and challenge Go-Jek. Informality in Indonesia thus offers forms of social security in a platform labour context that add to Euro-American mobilization repertoires such as policy change and platform cooperativism. By examining informal organization repertoires among app-based and older-style ojek drivers, this session contributes to knowledge about capitalism by considering how precarity is produced, experienced, and challenged. Herman Rosenfeld (TTC Riders, Free Transit Toronto) will then discuss how municipal struggles for bigger and better public transit might be one way of contesting uber-capitalism.


Mar 21, 2019 - Migrant Rights in Canada: Resisting Racism, Seeking Justice
When: Thursday March 21st, 7pm
Where: Toronto City Hall, Council Chambers

Marking International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination (IDERD), Urban Alliance on Race Relations, and Toronto and York Region Labour Council co-host a forum titled Migrant Rights in Canada: Resisting Racism, Seeking Justice.

* Cyndy Baskin, Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Ryerson University
* Debbie Douglas, Executive Director, Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)
* Rupaleem Bhuyan, Associate Professor, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto
* Kara Manso, Coordinator, Caregivers Action Centre

Facebook event | eventbrite.com

Mar 22, 2019 - Lessons from Snowden
When: Friday, March 22nd, 7:30pm
Where: Hart House, 7 Hart House Circle

In light of recent digital security scandals involving Huawei and Facebook, the Hart House Debates & Dialogue Committee is proud to present this conversation with Robert Tibbo, Edward Snowden’s lawyer, in collaboration with Amnesty International U of T.

Tickets are now sold out, but we encourage you to check back on this page and our Facebook event page as space often opens up.

Mar 23, 2019 - All Out Against Fascism
When: Saturday, March 23rd, 1pm
Where: 361 University Ave.

Once again PEGIDA (the "Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes") is planning to hold an anti-Muslim, anti-refugee rally at the corner of University Avenue and Armoury Street. Once again, we expect various far-right groups to take part, including the Proud Boys, the Northern Guard, the Three Percenter militia, and others. And once again, we intended to shut it down.

Toronto Against Fascism (TAF) will be there to stand against islamophobia, racism, and fascism. Please come out and support Muslims, refugees, immigrants, and all others under threat by these organizations.

Facebook event

Mar 23, 2019 - Gaza at the Fence: Activism in Israel & Solidarity in Canada
When: Saturday March 23rd, 7pm
Where: Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave.
$10 or PWYC

Please join us for this important event on Gaza and the significance of solidarity. Hammam Farah and Elizabeth Tsurkov will discuss the current situation for Palestinians in Gaza and the activism of Palestinians, Israeli Jews, and internationals towards ending the illegal blockade.

Co-sponsored by the United Jewish People's Order (UJPO), Independent Jewish Voices-Toronto, Beit Zatoun, the Association of Progressive Palestinian Canadians, and IfNotNow-Toronto. Endorsed by the Canada Boat to Gaza. Facebook event

Mar 25, 2019 - The Age of Surveillance Capitalism
When: Monday, March 25th, 4pm
Where: Ethnography Lab, 19 Russell Street, Room 330

Please join us for a discussion of Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. Zuboff (Harvard Business School) makes a number of discussion-worthy arguments, notably that the data collection and processing regimes as pioneered by Google and Facebook generate value through “behavioural surplus,” and that this kind of surveillance is an aberration of capitalism. Drawing on Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Arendt, Adorno, Polanyi, Sartre, and Stanley Milgram among others, the book is nonetheless a fairly easy read and has generated media attention.

Facebook event

Mar 25, 2019 - Book Launch - Toronto Lit Up
When: Monday, March 25th, 7pm
Where: A Different Booklist, 779 Bathurst St.

Clelia O. Rodríguez is releasing Decolonizing Academia: Poverty, Oppression and Pain and will be celebrating its publication with a Toronto Lit Up book launch! Join Fernwood Publishing and the Toronto International Festival of Authors for this exciting event.
Poetic, confrontational and radical, Decolonizing Academia speaks to those who have been taught to doubt themselves because of the politics of censorship, violence and silence that sustain the Ivory Tower. Clelia O. Rodríguez illustrates how academia is a racialized structure that erases the voices of people of colour, particularly women. She offers readers a gleam of hope through the voice of an inquisitorial thinker and methods of decolonial expression, including poetry, art and reflections that encompass much more than theory.


Mar 26, 2019 - Brazil under Bolsonaro: Contradictions and Perspectives
When: Tuesday, March 26th, 2pm
Where: Kaneff Tower 626, York University
Free and open to the public.

* Why did the Workers' Party lose the presidential electionsof 2018?
* Why and how did the new right led by Bolsonaro win those elections?
* Who is he and what does he stand for? What policies has he pursued and what can we expect in the future?
* Who forms his social base? and what are the weaknesses and strengths of the opposition to his government?

Anna Saggiaro Garcia is a Professor of International Relations, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro. PhD in International Relations at PUC-Rio and MA in Political Science, Free University of Berlin, Germany. Visiting researcher in Politics at York University during PhD studies in 2009 (under supervision of Leo Panitch). Associate with Institute of Alternative Policies for the Southern Cone (PACS), Rio de Janeiro. Research in International Political Economy, BRICS, Brazilian investments Latin America and Africa, social struggles in the mining sector, especially concerning Vale mining corporation. Co-editor, BRICS, an Anti-Capitalist Critique (Haymarket) with Patrick Bond.

Mar 26, 2019 - Film Screening: A Stone's Throw from Prison
When: Tuesday March 26th, 7pm
Where: University of Toronto, Lash Miller - Room 158

Between 2010 and 2014, nearly 3,000 Palestinian children were arrested by Israeli forces for reasons like throwing stones. Many are kept in solitary confinement for days, shackled and subjected to intimidating questioning without the presence of their parents or a lawyer. Mohammad Zedani, 14, has been arrested six times. The experience has left him traumatised: he struggles to sleep and displays symptoms of PTSD. The film tells his story, along with those of Rami and Ahmed, three out of thousands of children affected by the occupation. We also hear from those working to stop the abuses.

Facebook event

Mar 26, 2019 - Transit Town Hall
When: Tuesday, March 26th, 7pm
Where: Anglican Church of St. David, Donlands & St. Andrew, Japanese Congregation, 49 Donlands Ave.

Councillor Paula Fletcher is hosting a Transit Town Hall on Tuesday, March 26th. This will be a great opportunity for you to share your thoughts and also get an update from TTC Riders and MPP Peter Tabuns.

Our subway, buses and streetcars are all an integrated network. There is a real risk having part of that network being split off and owned by someone else. This would make the issues we currently have even worse.

Facebook event

Mar 27, 2019 - Canada Out of NATO Monthly Protest
When: Wednesday, March 27th, 12noon
Where: Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, 25 Cecil Street #310

Every month this year, the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) will be holding a peace vigil outside the NATO Association of Canada headquarters in downtown Toronto corner of Harbour St and Bay St. This year is the 70th anniversary of this male-dominated military alliance and Cold War relic that threatens our security. NATO has been involved in illegal interventions in Serbia and Afghanistan and destabilizing operations in Libya, Ukraine, Latvia and Poland, etc... NATO members are the world's largest weapons manufacturers, and arms companies like Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics fund the NATO Association of Canada. NATO puts intense pressure on Canada every year to increase military spending, which diverts public funding away from urgent social and environmental needs. NATO relies on a dangerous nuclear arsenal and refuses to disarm. VOW is calling for the Canadian government to withdraw from NATO and work through the United Nations on disarmament and the Sustainable Development Goals that will bring genuine human security. No to NATO; yes to peace, nonviolence and sustainability! Organized by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW). All welcome!

Facebook event

Mar 27, 2019 - Wala3at Indigenous Interactive Musical Dance Performance
When: Wednesday March 27th, 6:30pm
Where: Multi-Faith Centre, Main Activity Hall
Tickets: $5-10 sliding scale, PWYC no one turned away

Opened by Sto: Loh Elder Lee Maracle. Additional funds will be donated to the Land Defence Coalition and the Unist'ot'en Camp.

Featured Artists, Performers and Collaborators: Ahmed Hamad, Christy B., Sacramento Knoxx.

Part of the Israeli Apartheid Week 2019 | Facebook event

Mar 27, 2019 - Mediating Peace Agreements
When: Wednesday March 27th, 7pm
Where: University College, University of Toronto, 15 King's College Circle, Room 140

The UN Experience in Africa by Science for Peace

VLADIMIR ZHAGORA spent most of his UN career working in Africa, or on issues related to the continent. From 1992-1994, for instance, he was part of the United Nations Observer Mission in South Africa (UNOMSA) that helped facilitate both a democratic dispensation and the presidential election of Nelson Mandela. His other positions—which included leadership roles at the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE), the UN Advance Mission in the Sudan (UNAMIS), and the UN Mission in the Sudan (UNMIS)—brought him to the forefront of crisis settlement negotiations in some of Africa’s most contested disputes.


Mar 28, 2019 - Violent History of Benevolence
When: Thursday, March 28th, 6pm
Where: CRC at 40 Oaks, 40 Oak St.

Social work is often considered a noble profession. But writers A.J. Withers and Chris Chapman argue this idea is not only historically inaccurate, but the fiction also allows decent people to become willing participants in furthering violence against poor and marginalized people.

In their book, A.J. and Chris document many histories usually left out of social work, including communities of Black social workers (who, among other things, never removed children from their homes involuntarily), the role of early social workers in advancing eugenics and mass confinement, and the emergence of colonial education, psychiatry, and penitentiaries.

Join us to discuss the often contradictory role social work and social workers plays in our lives, and the structural violence that social work enacts in the name of benevolence.

This event is part of the monthly OCAP Speakers Series | Facebook event

Mar 28, 2019 - From Neo-Liberalism to Neo-Fascism?
When: March 28th, 7pm
Where: WAC, 720 Spadina Ave, 2nd floor (suite 202)

Reaction across the Americas from Bolsonaro to Trump.

Join us for a discussion with a panel of leading international analysts associated with the Socialist Register.

* Ana Saggario Garcia, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janiero (author of ‘Brazil’s New Imperial Capitalism’ and ‘Amplifying the contradictions: The centrifugal BRICS’)
* Ray Kiely, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London (author of The Neoliberal Paradox; ‘Locating Trump: Paleoconservatism, neoliberalism and anti-globalization’)
* Ruth Felder, State University of New York at Albany (author of ‘South American post-neoliberalism and external restrictions: The case of Argentina’).
* Chaired by Leo Panitch, Senior Scholar York University (co-editor Socialist Register 2019: A World Turned Upside Down).



Digital Games: A Canary in the Coal Mine of Capital
Not everyone plays digital games, but with the rise of casual, mobile-based gaming, we all know someone who does. With global sales revenues that far exceed global Hollywood’s annual box office, the digital games industry is a leading and fast growing sector of digital capitalism, and the logics and mechanics of digital games are spreading through the wider economy at a breakneck pace, with the insurance industry and ride share apps looking toward “gamification” and other forms of psychological nudging to influence the behavior of workers and consumers alike.

Source: LeftStreamed

The New Politics of Disablement: The Contribution of Mike Oliver
Michael Oliver (3 February 1945 to 2 March 2019) was a British academic, author, and disability rights activist. He was Emeritus Professor of Disability Studies at the University of Greenwich. His research focused on the social model of disability, and his activism centred on overcoming the systemic barriers disabled people confront in their daily lives. We present a memoir of his contribution to building Disability Studies and a movement demanding inclusion and equality for disabled people.

Source: The Bullet No. 1782

Labour in the Age of Duterte: The Pacific Plaza Strike
By Ia Maranon and Walden Bello

The lesson of the Pacific Plaza strike is that workers’ solidarity, not presidential promise, will end contractualization. "Kung titingnan natin sa umpisa, pumasok ako ng Pacific nung construction pa lang, hanggang maintenance" [In the beginning, I began at the Pacific Plaza during construction, in maintenance]. This isn’t an uncommon sentiment for the workers of Pacific Plaza. Most of them have spent almost two decades tending to the needs of the residents of the lush twin-condominium towers, only to find themselves bearing the brunt of what would turn out to be one of 2018’s major labour struggles.

Source: The Bullet No. 1783

Searching for New Forms of Struggle
From February 24 to 27th, the International People’s Assembly (AIP) was held in Caracas, in solidarity with the people and government of Venezuela represented by Nicolás Maduro. Almost 500 delegates from 90 countries of the world attended the event, and one of the most ardent supporters of this initiative in the last two years is the leader of the Landless Movement of Brazil, João Pedro Stédile.

Source: The Bullet No. 1784

An Ecosocialist Green New Deal: Guiding Principles
By DSA Ecosocialists

Humankind has reached a moment of existential crisis. Human activity is causing disastrous climate disruption and Earth’s sixth mass extinction event, triggering critical losses of biodiversity. We are already locked in for global warming that will have catastrophic effects, and we are on a slippery path to our own extinction. The 2018 Special Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns unequivocally that “without societal transformation and rapid implementation of ambitious greenhouse gas reduction measures, pathways to limiting warming to 1.5°C and achieving sustainable development will be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.”

Source: The Bullet No. 1785

Working Women: Should We Be Combatting Sexism to Stimulate Economic Growth?
By Meenakshi Krishnan and Benjamin Selwyn

In the run-up to International Women’s Day, it was good to see Christine Lagarde highlight the problems of sexism in the global economy. Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since 2011, argues that combatting sexism and bringing more women into the workplace could raise economic growth in some countries by as much as 35 per cent. Greater gender empowerment through changes in state laws and tax accounting contributes to "higher growth, a reduction in inequality, an improvement in the strength of the economy and a more diversified, export-focused country."

Source: The Bullet No. 1786



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