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June 30, 2022



Ontario’s temporary paid sick days are expiring

On July 31, Ontario’s three temporary paid sick days are set to expire. The Workers Income Protection Benefit (WIPB) was already inadequate and far from what workers need.

As we brace for a possible seventh wave of COVID-19 in the fall, workers will once again be left with zero protections against illnesses. We have seen the consequences of workers being denied paid sick days in the earlier waves of the pandemic and we cannot repeat the same mistakes.

If this government is serious about working for workers, then they must immediately legislate 10 permanent employer-paid sick days. We can’t have any more temporary measures. We need permanent solutions to prevent future pandemics.



Walking Tour #1 at Jane and Lawrence

When: Thursday June 30th, 3:30pm
Where: Merrill Park, 5 Merrill Ave

The City of Toronto and TTC are currently looking at a variety of future design options to prioritize public transit and improve Jane Street from Eglinton Avenue West to Steeles Avenue West through RapidTO.

As part of this project, the Jane/Finch Centre (JFC) and private architecture, engineering and planning firm IBI Group are working together on an equity-driven community engagement process and In-Service Safety Review to better understand historic and current road safety issues on Jane Street.


NATO and Global Empire

When: June 30th, 7:30pm

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is seeking a massive expansion. Yesterday it announced a plan to bolster its “high readiness” force from 40,000 troops to 300,000.

Canada is increasingly bound to NATO. The New York Times reported that Canadian special forces are part of a NATO mission in Ukraine.

Join Djibo Sobukwe, Janine Solanki, Danny Haiphong and Tamara Lorincz for a discussion on resisting global NATO.


Don’t Nuke the Pacific

When: July 2nd, 5pm

Japan plans to release 1.28 million metric tons of radioactive water from the still-hemorrhaging triple meltdown Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant into the Pacific Ocean starting in 2023 and continuing for more than 30 years. Speakers will address how we can stop this harmful act.


Afterlives of Indenture

When: Tuesday July 5th, 6pm
Where: Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario

Presenting a special issue of Wasifiri, a quarterly British literary magazine, with guest editors Andil Gosine and Nalini Mohabir.

With special guests Faizal Deen, Shani Mootoo, Richard Fung and Ramabai Espinet plus a few surprises!

Facebook event

Disarm, Defund, Dismantle

July 6, July 20 and August 3, 7-8pm

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) will be meeting online for one hour every second Wednesday to read and discuss the newly released book Disarm, Defund, Dismantle: Police Abolition in Canada.

You’ll put your learnings from the book to practice by engaging in collective action towards defunding Toronto Police Services!


#NoWar2022: Resistance & Regeneration

When: July 8-10

Hosted virtually through the Zoom Events platform, #NoWar2022 will facilitate international solidarity by bringing together speakers and attendees from around the world. As we resist the institution of war worldwide, from crippling sanctions and military occupations to the network of military bases that encircle the globe, how can we simultaneously “regenerate,” building the alternative world that we want to see based on nonviolence and a culture of peace?



The Activist’s Antidote

By Alexandria Shaner

We are social creatures – we like to be heard. Yet, an enduring tragedy of modern society remains that there are things more often left unsaid, on the rare occasion there is actually something to say. A heavy silence or a hurried, awkward transition takes the place of words when we can’t bring ourselves to find and voice them. As a step toward finding the words and overcoming the heaviness which hangs about so many of us these days, I would like to invite you into a conversation about the toll of dissent, and about building a better world. We could begin by examining the unsaid…

Source: The Bullet No. 2643

Climate Change and Class: the Philippine Case

By Benjamin Velasco

It was timely that the eighth anniversary of Super Typhoon Haiyan was smack in the middle of the COP26 climate negotiations. The tragedy shines a light on the overwhelming impacts of global warming. Climate change created Haiyan, one of the most powerful cyclones to ever make landfall, resulting in more than 6,000 deaths and an estimated $5.8-billion (US) in damage in the Philippines.

Source: The Bullet No. 2644

Strike! Reviving Labor’s Most Powerful Weapon

At the heart of workers’ power is the ability to shut down business as usual by using the best-known tool in the labor movement’s toolbox: the strike. Hear from workers who’ve done it themselves, from Nabisco to Kellogg’s to Starbucks, and how those fights have transformed their unions, their co-workers, and the world.

Source: LeftStreamed


Executive Director

The Workers’ Arts and Heritage Centre’s (WAHC) – whose mandate is to bring together and celebrate ALL working people (paid and unpaid) through art, history, and culture, enabling a stronger, more connected community – is seeking Executive Director.

ORGANIZATION: Workers Arts & Heritage Centre
POSITION: Executive Director (35 hrs/week)
REPORTS TO: Board of Directors
LOCATION: Hamilton, Ontario


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