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November 3, 2022



Together, we can save Karma Co-op

Toronto’s own Karma Co-op, is a democratically run co-operative specializing in organic, local, fair trade and zero waste products. They are looking at closure if they don’t boost revenue soon. I hope you can consider joining. The place is super cool, the staff is friendly. The entrance is on Karma Lane, a five-minute walk from the Markham Street exit of the Bathurst subway station.

With your help, Karma Co-op has a fighting chance to continue as an ecological, ethical and inclusive alternative within Toronto’s grocery landscape. Together we can safeguard the social and financial equity that Karma members have built together since 1972.


Tell the Ford Conservatives: Don’t be a bully

On Monday, October 31st, the Ford Conservatives took the unprecedented step of proposing legislation that would force a contract on education workers, violating workers’ constitutional right to bargain fairly, keeping many workers in poverty, instead of continuing with negotiations.

To pass it, they’ve invoked the notwithstanding clause, overriding the Charters’ protections of the fundamental right to the collective bargaining process.



Walter Rodney Public Speakers Series

When: November 3rd, 1pm

Join us this Thursday for the first of a few exciting Walter Rodney Public Speakers Series events in November, the launch and discussion of Walter Rodney’s newest book Decolonial Marxism! Many very special guests.


Twenty years of fighting for rights in the War on Terror

When: November 3rd, 7pm

The ICLMG is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. To highlight two decades of advocacy to protect and promote human rights and civil liberties in the context of the “War on Terror,” we are organizing an online panel with many of our past and present colleagues and partners. Join this incredible group of speakers for a wide-ranging discussion and Q&A on the impacts of Canada’s anti-terror actions and the ongoing efforts to protect fundamental rights and freedoms.


Fight Like Hell: A Tribute to Mike Davis

When: November 4th, 5pm

Join Angela Y. Davis, Geri Silva, and Ruth Wilson Gilmore for a Tribute to our comrade Mike Davis (1946-2022).

¡Mike Davis, presente! Three longtime allies of Mike Davis (1946–2022) will discuss the life and legacy of the author, geographer, historian, and organizer—and the inspiration we take from his life and work for the struggles ahead.


Waging Peace

When: November 4th, 6pm

Join a webinar discussion with Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink, who will discuss her new book War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict. She is joined by lawyer and activist Dimitri Lascaris for a talk on the role Canada and the US have played in Russia’s war in Ukraine and the paths to peace.


CLiFF Screening

When: Saturday November 5th, 2pm

Five short films:

1. Sugar on The Weaver’s Chair
2. The Hands of an Elder
3. Spain Against the Atom
4. The Unmaking of Medical Inadmissibility
5. See Us Come Together

Hosted by Toronto Workers’ History Project. Get your FREE ticket to this virtual event here.

RBC Kill The Drill Wet’suwet’en Solidarity

When: Saturday November 5th, 7pm
Where: RBC Headquarters, 200 Bay St

This Saturday more than 30 Decolonial Solidarity groups across Canada, the US, and Europe are mobilizing to protest the Royal Bank of Canada’s funding of the Coastal GasLink pipeline, in response to an online call for allyship from the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs who have been opposing the pipeline since it was proposed in 2012.

Join us November 5th at 7pm for Art and Action outside RBC Headquarters at 200 Bay St to demand they kill the drill! This will be one of many actions taking place across Turtle Island to demand that they put an end to the Coastal GasLink Pipeline drilling without consent through Wet’suwet’en territory and the Wedzinkwa River.

Facebook event | actionnetwork.org

Book launch: Displacement City

When: November 9th, 12pm
Where: Church of the Holy Trinity

Displacement City, edited by Greg Cook and Cathy Crowe, uses prose, poetry, and photography to document lived experiences of homelessness, responses to the housing crisis, and possible solutions to move Toronto forward. Contributors provide particular insight into policies affecting Indigenous peoples and how the legacy of colonialism and displacement reached a critical point during the pandemic. This collection of first-hand accounts shows how people are fighting back for homes and argues convincingly for a national housing program. Offering rich stories of care, mutual aid, and solidarity, Displacement City provides a vivid account of a humanitarian disaster.

Editors Greg Cook and Cathy Crowe will be in attendance and Another Story Bookshop will sell books at the event.

Facebook event | anotherstory.ca


The Canadian ‘Newest’ Right

There seems to have been a re-making of conservative politics in 21st century Canada. Most mainstream Canadian conservative parties, both federal and provincial, long ago abandoned their post-war pragmatic centrism and moved into ideological spaces we might call authoritarian neoliberalism. This shift has found some measurable traction among sections of the Canadian working class. In part, this reflects the retreat of social democracy from explicitly class politics and organizing, the weakness of the labour movement and the larger inability to create a significant political space beyond social democracy. Presentation by Bryan Evans. Introduced and moderated by Herman Rosenfeld.

Source: LeftStreamed

What African Governments Must Fight for at COP27

By Africa Climate Justice Collective

We the African People: In solidarity, stand as women, men, youth, peasants, social movements, community- based and civil society organisations as a united front against the multi-dimensional crisis that is prevailing in our continent. Noting the frequency and intensity of climate crises in Africa that have brought us together in our diversity, we speak with one voice to call to the African and global leaders to take the matters of climate change seriously and ensure that climate justice is delivered urgently.

Source: The Bullet No. 2711

Educators and Critical Pedagogy: An Antidote to Authoritarianism

By Henry A. Giroux and William Paul

The world in which we live increasingly resembles a dystopian novel. The dream of a more democratic world is diminishing as the global assault on democracy expands. The world is awash in the discourse of white supremacy, Christian nationalism, a culture of lies, and a contempt for democracy. Since the 1980s, there has been an unyielding attack on the social contract, the common good, public goods, and government responsibility. The dark clouds of economic, political, and educational fundamentalism are with us once again. Politics is now driven by big money, civic culture is collapsing, and a form of predatory capitalism or what can be called neoliberalism continues to wage war on the welfare state, public goods and the social contract.

Source: The Bullet No. 2712

Bring Politics Back Into Society

By Luciana Castellina

What we had long expected to occur has happened: in Italy, where antifascism is written into the Constitution, Fratelli d’Italia, the party of Giorgia Meloni, has won – Meloni who does not call herself a fascist because doing so would be illegal but loses no opportunity to show that she is one. This is not through her party symbol, which is intentionally dominated by the historic tricolour flame, but through the ties she repeatedly emphasises with all similar organizations circulating in Europe, from that of Marine Le Pen to Spain’s VOX, to the Hungarian and Polish governments.

Source: The Bullet No. 2713

Rhythm of Revolution in Iran

By Aidin Torkameh

On 16 September, a 22-year-old Kurdish Iranian woman named Zhina (Mahsa) Amini was murdered, being severely beaten by the Islamic morality police. Her death resulted in nation-wide protests that have been unfolding in Iran for more than 40 days. Iran Human Rights reported that at least 233 people have been killed by security forces across the country. Iranian security forces either fire into groups or kill protesters by beating them with batons.

Source: The Bullet No. 2714

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