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March 2, 2023



Stop TTC Cuts!

Tell Mayor Tory and your Councillor to fund lower fares and improved TTC service — not increase fares, policing, and make service cuts!

Toronto City Council is voting soon on the 2023 budget. Fare increases for adults and youth, allowing more crowding, and service cuts are proposed — 9% less service in 2023 than pre-pandemic levels. That’s why your Councillor needs to hear from you! Remind them of their promises made before the election, or ask them to commit now to protect the TTC from cuts.



ONA All-Out Shut Down Protest

When: Thursday March 2nd, 12pm
Where: Sheraton Centre, 123 Queen St W

Join the “All-Out Shut Down Protest” outside the Sheraton Centre Toronto, 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Bargaining will be taking place at the Sheraton and we need every member and ally outside showing their support!


Labour and the Climate Crisis

When: March 2nd, 6pm

Developing a Worker- and Equity-Centered Clean Energy Economy

– Keynote address by Dr. Lara Skinner (Executive Director, Climate Jobs Institute, Cornell University)

– Respondent comments by Marjorie Griffin Cohen (Feminist Economist and Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University)

– Moderated by Nathi Zamisa (Graduate Student, Social and Political Thought, York University)


The Petroleum Papers

When: March 2nd, 6:30pm

Based on The Petroleum Papers: Inside the Far Right Conspiracy to Cover Up Climate Change, join us for a CHBE webinar with the author, Geoff Dembicki. Drawing from hundreds of confidential oil industry documents spanning decades, Dembicki’s explosive work of investigative reporting reveals for the first time the far-right conspiracy that’s stopped the world from preventing the climate crisis.


International Women’s Day in Toronto

When: Saturday, March 4th, Rally 11 am; IWD March 1 pm
Where: OISE auditorium, 252 Bloor Street West

Mark your calendars for the in-person return to International Women’s Day Toronto!


What is going on in Crimea?

When: March 4th, 12pm

Hear from Tatiana Bukharina and Regis Tremblay who live in Yalta and learn about the situation on the ground in Crimea. This 90-minute webinar is organized by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.


IWD 2023: Raising Women’s Voices and Wages

When: March 5th, at 1pm
Where: GCDO Hall, 290 Danforth Ave

Speakers and music: Faith Nolan, Layla Staats, Elizabeth Rowley and more.

An in-person event in Toronto broadcast live to youtube.

Solidarity With Iran

When: March 5th, 2:30pm

The Amnesty International Canada Gender Rights Specialized Team will hold a panel discussion on Sunday March 5th to raise awareness of Iranian women’s protests against systemic gender oppression that have been ongoing since the arrest and death of Mahsa Amini in September 2022.


Canadian Foreign Policy Hour with Yves Engler

When: Mondays at 6pm

Join author Yves Engler on Mondays for a weekly news roundup and interactive discussion about Canada’s role abroad. This weekly session will delve into the latest developments on subjects ranging from military affairs and Canada’s role in Ukraine to its contribution to Palestinian dispossession and exploitation of African resources. Join Yves for a critical take on Canada’s foreign policy. Questions, comments and criticisms are all welcome.


Book launch: Canadian Labour Policy and Politics

When: March 7th, 3pm

Canadian Labour Policy and Politics is an essential guide to the politics of inequality in Canada’s job market. Contributors trace the causes of low-wage work and precarious employment, and propose solutions for a sustainable future. Written by leading experts, the book demonstrates how laws and public policy – supposedly intended to protect workers – often leave employees vulnerable with little economic or social security.

Join the book launch of John Peters’ new edited collection, Canadian Labour Policy and Politics, with contributors Carlo Fanelli (York University), Andie Noack (Toronto Metropolitan University), Mark P. Thomas (York University), and Leah Vosko (York University).

yorku.ca | zoom.us

Toward a Real Feminist Foreign Policy

When: March 8th, 3pm

On International Women’s Day, join a panel of leading thinkers and activists on the need for a real feminist foreign policy and what that could look like.


– Claudia de la Cruz, CODEPINK

– Ray Acheson, Women’s International League of Peace & Freedom (WILPF)

– Tamara Lorincz, CFPI, Vow

– and poetry from El Jones



Not A Peaceful Climate

By Didem Aydurmus

With about ten active wars globally and the rearmament of the world, the global arms industry needs to be taken into account when talking about climate change and environmental destruction in general. However, in a world where so called ‘green’ parties participate in the arms industry and occasionally even speak the language of this industry, the connection is often lost. This text is not to discount the immense human suffering caused directly by war.

Source: The Bullet No. 2785

Starbucks: Poster Child for Corporate Abuse

By Sonali Kolhatkar

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, in a recent interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow, proudly showed off his newest invention: a tablespoon of olive oil added to a cup of coffee to bring out rich, complex flavors. The conversation took place in Italy and was meant to showcase Schultz’s commitment to the innovation and quality of Starbucks coffee as he gets ready to step down as CEO of the company for the third time.

Source: The Bullet No. 2786

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