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November 16, 2023



No Mining On Anishinaabe Territory

Since 2018 there have been over 5,000 mining claims made in Grassy Narrows due to your refusal to withdraw the area from mining and logging activity.

Mining prospectors are staking these claims in areas that have been home to Indigenous people for countless generations and continue to provide the sources of life, culture, and livelihood for them. In spite of the well-known concerns of Grassy Narrows, and many attempts to bring your government to the table, the free entry system remains in place and new claims continue to be registered in social conflict zones against the will of Grassy Narrows.




When: November 16th, 8:30am
Where: 1596 Bloor St W

Parkdale-High Park demands #CeasefireNow – rally outside MP Arif Virani’s office.

Please mask up, family friendly.


Beyond the Neoliberal Queer

When: November 16th, 1pm
Where: Mackintosh-Corry Hall, room D214, Queen’s University, Kingston

Pre-Launch event for the 3rd Edition of The Regulation of Desire: Queer Histories, Queer Struggles.

Twitter poster

The Colonial Urge to Commodify the Climate Crisis

When: Thursday, November 16th, 3pm
Where: Indigenous Climate Action, Edmonton (Zoom)

As we navigate the complexities posed by this climate crisis, it is vital to address not only genuine solutions but also the false solutions that can perpetuate more environmental harm and social injustices. The aim of this webinar series is to facilitate open and informative discussions that shed light on various false solutions that are often presented as viable approaches to combat the climate crisis and counteract them with real, Indigenous-led solutions.



When: November 16th, 5pm
Where: 1202 Bloor St W

Davenport demands #CeasefireNow – rally outside MP Julie Dzerowicz’s office.

Please mask up, family friendly.


Threats to Academic Freedom from Without and Within

When: November 16th, 6pm
Where: Moot Court (J250), Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

Please join us for the 2nd Annual CensureUofT Lecture on November 16, 2023, which will be given by Kenneth Roth, Former Executive Director of Human Rights Watch and Visiting Professor at the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.

Academic freedom is an endangered concept. There have always been external antagonists from among governments, corporations, or donors, but today many threats also come from within universities. Having himself experienced academic retaliation for his criticism of the Israeli government, Kenneth Roth, the former long-time director of Human Rights Watch, will describe some of the steps needed to reinforce academic freedom.


Poster-pick + Postering for Palestine

When: Friday November 17th, 5pm
Where: 401 Richmond St

On Friday from 5-7pm, drop by @TSVToronto to grab posters for your communities and workplaces and to learn the basics of wheatpasting. This event is a PWYC fundraiser for @palyouthmvmt
and @PalFeminist.


Teach-in: Canada Out of Palestine

When: November 17th, 6pm

Join us Friday, Nov. 17 at 6 pm for a teach-in and discussion on Canadian complicity in the Zionist occupation of Palestine and the genocide of the Palestinian people.

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Young Workers’ Summit

When: November 18th, 9am to 5:30pm
Where: 123 Queen St W.

Are you a young worker * interested in the fight for good jobs, decent work, and a better life for everyone? Want to learn more about what unions do to improve working conditions for all workers, and how you could become a leader at work?

Then join us for the Young Workers’ Summit, a one-day skills-building conference hosted by the Young Workers’ Committee of the Ontario Federation of Labour.

* A young worker is usually defined as a worker aged 30 or under. For the purposes of this Summit, we encourage only those workers aged 40 and under to register.


Moving Together

When: November 18th, 10am
Where: 2206 Eglinton Ave E, Suite 190

On November 18th, 10 am to 12 pm, join Environmental Defence, experts and community leaders in transportation and city building to discuss how we can build an equitable transportation future with safe streets and healthy, affordable communities.

Featuring: David Cooper, transportation planner, founder of Leading Mobility; Fizza Khalid, TTC Riders, Scarborough Environmental Association; Israt Ahmed, Senior Community Planner – Scarborough, Social Planning Toronto; and Steven Farber, Transportation Geographer, University of Toronto Scarborough. Discussions will be moderated by Uytae Lee, host of CBC’s “Stories About Here.”


The People United for Gaza, Palestine

When: November 18th, 1pm
Where: US Consulate, 360 University Ave.

Let’s make sure this is our BIGGEST rally for Palestine yet! Talk to your families, friends, and communities.


From Turtle Island to Palestine

When: November 18th, 2pm

Unsure how to navigate what’s happening in Palestine? Join us for an introduction-level, live webinar about Indigenous solidarity with Palestine. We welcome Palestinian guest speakers and Indigenous-allies Fadi Ennab, Hayf Abichahina, and Belal Fallah. Moderated by Nick Estes.

– Fadi Ennab is the son of a Palestinian Nakba survivor. He is a Vanier Scholar pursuing his PhD in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba. Fadi is a community researcher and organizer focusing on issues related to anti-racism, policing, and migration. He lives in Winnipeg, Treaty One Territory, with his family.

– Hayf Abichahina is a Lebanese-Palestinian queer person living with their partner and kids on the stolen lands of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Watuth, and Squamish Nations. They are the child and grandchild of refugees, an advocate for trans rights, and a photographer.

– Belal Fallah is a Palestinian living in Hebron City in the West Bank. Fallah is a professor of economics at Palestine Polytechnic University. He obtained his PhD from the University of Saskatchewan in Treaty 6 Territory.

– Nick Estes is an enrolled member of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe and assistant professor of American Indian Studies at the University of Minnesota. He’s a co-host of The Red Nation Podcast.

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Work, Borders, and Beyond

When: Saturday, November 18th, 6pm
Where: Northrop Frye Hall, Room 003, 73 Queen’s Park Crescent E

Please join us for a wide-ranging discussion on the contemporary politics of work, migration, capital, and nationalism across North American and beyond with Harsha Walia, author of Border and Rule: Global Migration, Capitalism and the Rise of Racist Nationalism and Undoing Border Imperialism.

Walia will be joined in conversation by Syed Hussan (Executive Director of Migrant Workers Alliance for Change) and Gilberto Rosas (Anthropologist at University of Illinois and author of the books Barrio Libre: Criminalizing States and Delinquent Refusals of the New Frontier and Unsettling: The El Paso Massacre, Resurgent White Nationalism, and the US-Mexico Border).


Your Power at Work

When: Sunday November 19th, 1pm
Where: CSI, 192 Spadina Ave

Underpaid? Overworked? Unsafe on the job? Do you hate your job and want it to be better?

You have power at work.

This fall, learn the basics of labour organizing over 4 sessions with Climate Justice Toronto and People’s Labour Project. We’ll discuss – and practice – how to talk to your co-workers about workplace issues, plan a union drive, and take on management to win better wages and the dignified working conditions that everyone deserves.

actionnetwork.org | climatejusticeto.com

Speak Up For Transit

When: November 20 to 30

Speak up for a better #TTC! City Councillors will soon be voting on Toronto’s budget for 2024 and new funding tools. Join us at a pre-budget consultation event or at a workshop on November 14 (English) or November 15 (English and Mandarin) to learn more.

Poster | docs.google.com

Canadian Foreign Policy Hour with Yves Engler

When: Mondays at 6pm

Join author Yves Engler on Mondays for a weekly news roundup and interactive discussion about Canada’s role abroad. This weekly session will delve into the latest developments on subjects ranging from military affairs and Canada’s role in Ukraine to its contribution to Palestinian dispossession, and the exploitation of African resources. Join Yves for a critical take on Canada’s foreign policy. Questions, comments, and criticisms are all welcome.


Webinar: Urgent Medical Crisis in Gaza

When: November 21st, 9am

On Tuesday 21 November 2023 No Cold War, Viva Salud and the People’s Health Movement invite you to an important international webinar on the ‘Urgent Medical Crisis in Gaza.’

nocoldwar.org | zoom.us

The Challenges of Forging Peace in Sudan

When: November 21st, 5pm
Where: 15 King’s College Circle

Science for Peace lecture with Vladimir Zhagora, who worked with the Department of Political Affairs, United Nations for 14 years.

eventbrite.ca | zoom.us

Teach-in: Speaking Palestine

When: November 22nd, 12pm

With Faisal Bhabha, Esmat Elhalaby, Dania Majid.


Sweep and Say Union

When: Nov 22 to Nov 24, 7:30pm; Nov 26th, 2pm
Where: Steelworkers’ Hall, 25 Cecil St.

“The people united will never be defeated.” That was the chant of determined women strikers in the streets of Toronto nearly forty years ago.

This play brings to life the struggles for justice waged by 250 women cleaners working at First Canadian Place in downtown Toronto, most of them Portuguese. They wanted decent wages and respect for the hard work they did keeping Toronto offices clean.

Audience members must wear a mask. mailchi.mp


University Faculty Demand an End to Genocidal Attack on Gaza

By Faculty for Palestine

Faculty for Palestine expresses our unwavering support for and solidarity with the Palestinian people. We heed the call from our colleagues at Birzeit University on international academic institutions to intervene immediately to stop the genocide being waged against the Palestinian people. We mourn losses from all sides, and affirm that all human life has equal value. As scholars, we recognize that the current situation finds its roots in the 75-year Israeli occupation of Palestine accomplished through a settler colonial apartheid regime.

Source: The Bullet No. 2905

The British Roots of the Conflict in Palestine

By Saurav Sarkar

Israeli flags are flying over all government buildings in the United Kingdom currently, but this isn’t the first time the former imperial hegemon has put its weight behind Zionism. In 1917, the British government issued the infamous Balfour Declaration. This brief document – 67 words – was a turning point in modern Palestinian history. It committed Great Britain to establishing a “national home” for Jewish people in Palestine. (The initial language promised a “Jewish state,” but was changed later.) The Balfour Declaration contained language that was meant to safeguard Palestinians, but we have seen how that has played out in the ensuing century.

Source: The Bullet No. 2906

Repression of Palestinian Solidarity on Campuses Must End

By Independent Jewish Voices

Following the deadly Hamas attacks, Israel has engaged in non-stop bombing in the last weeks on the 2.3 million people living in the Gaza strip. We are witnessing civilian Palestinian casualties in the thousands. Meanwhile, Israel has cut off electricity, water, humanitarian aid, and internet and phone service to the people of Gaza. These restrictions on vital utilities are considered war crimes. People have lost entire families and Palestinians and allies all over the world are watching the news in grief and rage.

Source: The Bullet No. 2907

The Canadian Labour Movement Responding to Israel’s Attacks on Gaza

By Herman Rosenfeld

Since Israel began its brutal siege of the Gaza Strip on October 7, Canada’s labour unions have largely come out in vocal support of the Palestinians. Ranging from calls for an immediate ceasefire, to opposition to Canadian arms sales to Israel, and statements opposing violence “on both sides,” unions have increasingly lined up to call out Israel’s genocidal attacks on Gaza and the West Bank. Even more, there are inspiring examples of activism among union staff as well as sympathetic rank-and-file members organizing and educating co-workers and colleagues.

Source: The Bullet No. 2908

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