Health Inequality

Democracy & Corporate Power

Over the past thirty years, a power shift has been taking place.

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Economic Inequality

The gap is growing between the rich and poor in Canada and in Ontario

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Peace & Justice

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Since your health depends more on a decent income, safe housing, education opportunities, fully social participation, etc. than on MRI machines, health inequality is a widespread problem in our society. Imagine the health of someone having financial problems, worrying about paying the rent, having no mo money for fresh fruits or vegetables, living in damp, bug-infested places, being unable to hire someone to watch your kids, holding a lousy job that leave him/her depressed and anxious or being unemployed and upset, having to beg for handouts, having bad teeth because you cant afford a dentist, having anxiety and fear of not making ends meet, thinking about suicide as a way out. Imagine also the health of people facing racism, kids not wanting to sit with your child, having to explain why white people ignore your child, always wondering if racism is the cause of your child’s problems, being told vacant apartments just got rented having your heritage ignored in school books and history text, being stopped by the police or immigration officers much more often than others, blaming yourself for the bad treatment you get, getting angry for how you are treated, being paid less than you deserve. In order to narrow inequality we seek to:

  • reduce income inequality via fair wages, fair taxes and better public services
  • reduce discrimination in favour of greater equity or inclusion
  • reduce corporate power in favour of greater democracy

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CSJ Newsletter

Social Justice community newsletter for December 2 to December 9, 2021.

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Donation Letter 2023

Dear donor, Your generous support of the Centre for Social Justice in the past is deeply appreciated. Your contribution is of vital importance to the struggle for a peaceful world and social and ecological justice in Ontario and Canada. Unfortunately, the world is far from at peace with a war in Ukraine pushing towards 2 […]

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