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Apr 18, 2015 - Toronto Day of Action to #StopC51 - Part 2

When: Saturday April 18th, 2pm
Where: various constituency offices (see FB page below, Google map)

In solidarity with other cities across the nation, we will be supporting a day of action on April 18th educating people on the bill, canvassing communities, postering, rallying outside of constituency offices and capping it all off with a fundraiser to sustain the growing movement opposing Bill C-51 and defending civil liberties.

The more Canadians learn about Bill C-51, the less they like it. That's why opinion is swinging rapidly against the government - they've finally been forced to admit the bill is fundamentally flawed and we need to now keep up the pressure.

Facebook event
Apr 18, 2015 - George Lakoff: Activism, Elections and Beyond

When: Saturday April 18th, Doors: 7pm, Event 7:30pm
Where: Bloor United Church, 300 Bloor St W, Toronto
General Admission: $20

Globally we are witnessing a time dominated by trends of growing inequality:

Runaway wealth to the wealthy | Runaway climate warming | Runaway privatization of public resources

Around the world, and in Canada, progressives are fighting to maintain long fought for wins, and struggling to communicate progressive values in a political sphere largely dominated by successful conservative messages.

Why are conservatives so successful in communicating their messages? What do progressives need to do to communicate their values to large populations?

It's a big year for Canadian politics and the stakes have never been higher electorally.

Lets make a new stand for the most important election in Canada's recent history and beyond, by Framing Progressive values to win.

Join George Lakoff for a unique opportunity to learn about the next winnable political frames--whether you are concerned about climate change, income inequality and privatization--or on how to in the next federal election the leading expert on political framing.

Q & A with Trish Hennessy, founding director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' (CCPA) Ontario office.

Presented by and Canadian Dimension magazine. | | Facebook event
Apr 18, 2015 - Book launch: Femocratic Administration (Tammy Findlay)

When: Saturday April 18th, 7pm
Where: Victory Cafe, 581 Markham Street, Toronto, ON

Femocratic Administration examines the gendered nature of public administration through a study of the Ontario Women's Directorate (OWD) between 1985 and 2000. Analysing the OWD from the perspective of feminist political economy, this book combines a detailed case study with a theoretical framework that reconceptualizes the meanings of state feminism, representation, and democracy.
Apr 19, 2015 - 1st. Military Defeat of US Imperialism in the Western Hemisphere

When: Sun, April 19th, 2pm - 5pm
Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markhan Street, Toronto

Screening of a documentary showing how the U.S.-organized mercenary brigades run by top U.S. intelligence/military advisors were defeated in less than 72 hours by the Cuban revolutionary militias led by Fidel Castro on April 17, 1961! Lessons learned about pushing back imperialist attacks, invasions and provocations -- it can be done!

Organized by Toronto Forum on Cuba |