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Jul 29, 2015 - OPSEU info picket: Against Privatization

When: July 29th, 5:30pm
Where: Davenport Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre, 1900 Davenport Rd (west of Symington)

Kathleen Wynne's plan for transit funding is tied directly to her scheme to privatize Hydro One and other key public assets.

Join OPSEU and allies to show why Ontarians oppose Hydro privatization... and the Liberals' broader agenda of austerity, cuts to public services, corporate tax cuts, and wage freezes and concessions across the public sector.

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Jul 29, 2015 - Where are the Egyptian Revolution and People Today?

When: Wednesday, July 29th, 7pm
Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto

Ask an 84 year-old Jesuit priest who is hopeful about Egypt

More than four years after the Revolution of January 2011, Canadians see an Egypt which has convulsed politically through elections, constitutional crises, military intervention and examples of deep domestic and regional conflict. It is a country seemingly lost and mired in poverty, dependency, sectarian violence and repeating a cycle of national stagnation.

What is the reality of life in Egypt? How do we understand the forces that direct its current reality. What hope is there that Egypt will find its way to a different and more positive future?

Father Henri Boulad is an observer and participant in Egyptian society and institutions with a unique perspective to share encompassing both the secular and sectarian, the political and cultural, the Christian and Muslim.

About Father Boulad: Father Henri Boulad is an Egyptian Jesuit, born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1931 to a Lebanese family. He is a Melkite Catholic priest and serves as the director of the Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria and lives in Cairo. He is a frequent speaker internationally and active on the Internet sharing his spiritual conviction and his vision of the world. He is well known for his straight talk involving role and impact of religion and spirituality in the world today.
Jul 31, 2015 - Between Atheism and Hope

When: Friday, July 31st, 7pm
Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto

A Jesuit's journey to atheism and renewed hope in Egypt

In a period of great turmoil and hopelessness, the young people of Egypt - both Muslim and Christians - are increasingly intrigued by atheism. Egypt has been one of the most religious countries in the world for millennia is now experiencing an unprecedented growth in self-proclaimed atheists. How real and durable is this atheism? What role can it take in society and politics? And what can it realistically achieve in a country with an entrenched religious past.

Father Henri Boulad has worked extensively with the Christian and Muslim youth in Egypt and brings their aspirations and hopes for a better future for them and their country.
Aug 3, 2015 - Eagle Lake to Shoal Lake, Treaty 3 Anishinaabe Water Walk

When: Monday, August 3rd, to Friday, August 7th

From August 3-7, people will be walking along the proposed Energy East pipeline route from Eagle Lake to Shoal Lake, drawing attention to the threats posed by TransCanada's proposed 1.1 million barrel per day Enegy East pipeline.

Following the existing path of a natural gas pipeline proposed for conversion to carry oil, the walk is in the beautiful Anishinaabek Treaty 3 territory, of northern Ontario and Manitoba. Treaty 3 territory has 30% of Ontario's fresh water and supplies Winnipeg with its drinking water.

The Anishinaabe walk is coordinated by the Grassroots Indigenous Water Defence that formed after Anishinaabe women in Treaty 3 territory saw a need to reach Anishinaabek communities about the risks presented by the project in a way that resonates with their world view as stewards of the land and protectors of water.