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Feb 22, 2018 - [Hamilton] Book Launch: The 9 Hour Movement

When: Thursday, February 22nd, 6:30pm
Where: Workers Arts & Heritage Centre, 51 Stuart Street, Hamilton

Join author Doug Nesbitt for a book launch for The 9 Hour Movement: How Civil Disobedience Made Unions Legal. His new book examines the 1872 9 Hour Movement, one of the first working-class movements in Canada. It originated right here in Hamilton. The book is published by and will be available for $5 the night of this event.

The event is hosted and co-sponsored by the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre, a museum that tells the stories of work and working life in Canada.

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Feb 23, 2018 - Intersections: Che Gossett on Abolitionist Entanglement

When: Friday, February 23rd, 3pm
Where: University of Toronto, 27 King's College Circle (SS 5017)

In this lecture Che Gossett brings together Fanon, Sylvia Wynter, and Afropessimism as well as recent Palestinian films about animal necropolitics to consider both abolitionist aesthetics and how abolition -- which might be characterized as what Jared Sexton calls "the abolition the interminable radicalization of every radical movement" -- and as anchored in black study, is an anti-colonial and interspecies affair. Che will talk about the zoo in Qalqilya and how animals figure into the bio and necropolitics of Israeli occupation through a double bind, either as collateral damage of high intensity warfare or as objects to be brought into the fold of beneficent Western liberal Humanism. While Palestinian ecological struggle has been documented in leftist and solidarity struggles, there has been less work exploring how the animal is entangled in occupation and Che will discuss the work of Palestinian filmmakers -- Giraffada and The Wanted 18 highlight both Palestinian animal rights activism and ecological activism. Finally, Che will consider how abolition undoes the coordinates of the Human -- what Sylvia Wynter called the genre of Man and genre of the "animal" as well.

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Feb 24, 2018 - Nonviolent Direct Action, Creative Protest Workshop

When: Saturday, February 24, 10:30 am to 4 pm, Toronto
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Climate Change. Pipelines. War. Racism. Trump. Trudeau. How can we take direct action to confront and transform injustices?

What is and how does one organize a sit-in, a blockade? What happens if I get arrested? How can we be effective, accessible, transformative, and creative in our nonviolent direct actions? How do we care for one another in an action/campaign?

This workshop on nonviolent direct action and creative protest will involve discussions on the history and philosophy of nonviolence, practical applications of this theory through civil disobedience/civil resistance, role plays, explorations of tactics to de-escalate crises, the legal ramifications of and winning courtroom strategies for civil disobedience (arrests, courts, detention), the role of affinity groups, self- and community-care as foundational principles for political action, accompaniment and witness as forms of solidarity, and more.

This workshop is organized by Toronto Action for Social Change Homes not Bombs, whose facilitators have conducted hundreds of such workshops throughout Ontario in jails, schools, labour unions, church groups, university campuses, and in preparation for major gatherings such as WTO meetings and G7 summits.
Feb 25, 2018 - Sunday Scene: Lee Maracle

When: Sunday, February 25th, 2pm
Where: The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, 231 Queens Quay West

Lee Maracle is a Sto:Loh nation scholar and author who was born in North Vancouver, BC. She has published over 20 works, including My Conversations with Canadians, Bobbi Lee Indian Rebel, First Wives Club: Coast Salish Style, Celia's Song and Ravensong. She currently is Mentor for Aboriginal Students at University of Toronto, where she also is a teacher and the Traditional Cultural Director for the Indigenous Theatre School. Maracle will discuss Kader Attia's exhibition The Field of Emotion.