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Aug 22, 2017 - Forum: The France of Macron, the ‘New’ Neoliberal Reforms and the Left

When: Tuesday, August 22nd, 7pm
Where: A Different Booklist Cultural Centre, 777 Bathurst St. (South of Bathurst subway stop)

Analyses and Reportbacks from the 2017 Election with Stefan Kipfer and Nathan Rao

The 2017 Presidential and Parliamentary elections produced a paradoxical result: the victory of a youngish Emmanuel Macron who is a pure product of the discredited social democratic François Hollande presidency (as well as the typical institutions of the French ruling class) and a leader of a brand-new political formation (La Republique en Marche) that managed to marginalize the parties (the Republicains and the Parti Socialiste) that have, under different names, governed France since 1958. Macron's victory blocked the advances of the neo-fascist Front National, the President of which, Marine Le Pen, garnered a record 10.5 million votes in the Presidential election. In turn, Macron threatens to deepen the very conditions that have led to the recurrent surge of neo-fascist politics in France. He wants to radicalize the policies of the Hollande government by making the state of emergency a permanent feature of French law, implementing a new set of neoliberal labour reforms, entrenching austerity to shrink public sector employment and deconstructing the French welfare state all the while defending a central and aggressive role for the French military sector Euro-American imperialism. A force of 'continuity-in-discontinuity', Macron's En Marche thus expresses the ongoing crisis of rule in France as well as the wider systemic uncertainties about French capitalism and the future of the European Union. What are the political implications of the French elections for the future of left and popular forces in France?

* Stefan Kipfer just returned from a sabbatical year in France doing research on fascism and anti-fascism. He teaches politics and urban questions at York University.

* Nathan Rao is a writer and political activist living in France.

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Socialist Project | Facebook event
Aug 19, 2017 - Communities for ZERO Violence

When: Saturday August 19th, 12noon
Where: Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West

If you have been affected by violence in the City of Toronto, whether you are a victim, a witness, a family member, a friend or you are just tired of the violence in your community. Zero Gun Violence Movement along with Kelly Whetter-mother to Gabriel Nikov, Brenda MacIntyre-mother to Quinn Taylor and Evelyn Fox-mother to Kiesingar Gunn invite you to speak up and walk with us to show the powers that be, that don't live in our communities that we want and need change for the safety of our children. We need changes to the Justice System that allows repeat offenders with serious crimes off with a slap on the wrist, we need witnesses to violent crimes to feel safe enough to come forward. We need programs and jobs that our youth can engage in that will promote a better lifestyle choice, we need the accessibility to guns to be dealt with immediately!!!

Please join us Saturday August 19th at City Hall and walk with us to Queens Park. Bring pictures of your loved ones, bring balloons, bring the love of the one you miss to help promote change in their honour.

Facebook event
Aug 19, 2017 - BBQ & Rally for Shelters & Housing

When: Saturday, August 19th, 12noon
Where: Allan Gardens (Sherbourne and Carlton)
Free Food -- Kids Welcome -- Music

The city tells us that emergency shelters aren't the solution to homelessness and the escalating rates of homeless deaths, housing is. So shelters are kept underfunded and overcrowded. At the same time, the city is boarding up hundreds of public (Toronto Community Housing Corporation) housing units, at a time when the demand for them far outstrips supply. Thousands of families are facing displacement and thousands more languish on the subsidized housing waiting-list with wait-times that now stretch over a decade. Meanwhile market rents continue their upward spiral and upscale redevelopment projects continue pushing poor people out of the downtown core.

We intend to build a formidable fight capable of facing off against these marauding housing profiteers and their lackeys in government.
Aug 19, 2017 - West Toronto $15 & Fairness Outreach Blitz!

When: Saturday, August 19th, 12:30pm
Where: Northwest corner of Bloor & Dufferin

Are you ready for another fun outreach action to talk to local residents about the urgent need for $15 & Fairness in our communities?

Bill 148, The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017 contains significant steps forward on all aspects of our campaign demands: from fairer wages to paid sick days, from decent hours to respect at work, and from rules that better protect us to the right to unionize. Now, we need to continue staying mobilized to make sure that the Bill passes with the strongest possible language despite the big business lobby`s resistance.

Come out on August 19 to talk to our neighbours about what is at stake with Bill 148, and how we can continue putting pressure on our elected representatives to make sure that we win the best possible labour law reforms.

We'll have petitions, leaflets & posters ready to go, and together we'll talk with passersby about the fight for decent work for all. Join us, and feel free to bring a friend!

Facebook event