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Nov 20, 2018 - Social Media – The Great Equalizer?

When: Tuesday, November 20th, 6:30pm
Where: Toronto Public Library / Deer Park (40 St Clair Ave E.)

New forms of communication such as memes and emojis, are being popularized through social media at a bewildering rate but clearly have great hold on the imaginations.

The implications of this ongoing shift will likely have a great deal to do with its origins. What is driving this shift? What forces are acting on our language and our relations with each other?

In this talk, Derek Hrynyshyn will discuss some sources of this move toward a new form of literacy and what it means for our future.

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Nov 21, 2018 - The War Against the Middle East Peace

When: November 21st, 7pm
Where: University College, Room 140, 15 King's College Circle

Returning from recent trips to the region, Toronto Star political columnist Martin Regg Cohn reconnects to the Middle East bureau he left behind as a foreign correspondent, when the peace process held out hope. Then as now, countries are in conflict. Today, people are at war with themselves, within their own countries. The Hundred Years War has evolved from territorial battles into internecine and sectarian strife. Not just Jews against Muslims or Christians, but all against all -- not least pious versus secular. Even if the political path seems elusive, other pathways are opening up. How do Canadians connect the dots in a foreign minefield?

Speaker: Martin Regg Cohn is a political columnist for the Toronto Star, Canada's largest daily newspaper. A foreign correspondent for 11 years, he was Chief of the Star's Middle East Bureau in Jerusalem and its Asia bureau in Hong Kong, reporting from more than 40 countries, from Afghanistan to Yemen. He has covered national politics from the Star's Ottawa Bureau and Ontario politics from Queen's Park. He was also Foreign Editor, ran the Comment section, and wrote a world affairs column.
Nov 21, 2018 - Challenging Canadian Mining Operations in Oaxaca

When: Wednesday Nov. 21st, 8pm
Where: University of Toronto, Sidney Smith Hall, Room 2098, 100 St. George St.

A meeting with Human Rights Defenders Challenging Canadian Mining Operations in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Featuring Salvador Martínez Arellanes and Neftali Reyes Mendez, two prominent human rights defenders in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, the conference will be held in Spanish and English.

You will hear about their experiences with protecting land and territory rights in a context of widespread violence and insecurity, and about the actions of Fortuna Silver Mines, a Canadian public silver mining company, in the Santa Catarina Minas Community.
Nov 22, 2018 - National Housing Day

When: Thursday, November 22nd, 12:30pm
Meet at Masaryk Cowan Park; 1 pm - March to N of Queen on Brock, End 5pm.

Parkdale has had enough of the housing crisis. Let's stand in solidarity with our neighbours, those with lived experiences of homelessness, those who are being displaced through reno-victions, and those who are at risk of being displaced - let's keep people in their homes and demand deeply affordable housing be built in Parkdale now!

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