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Jun 26, 2016 - Summer BBQ

When: Sunday June 28th, 12noon
Where: High Park, Picnic Area #3


Join Toronto's famous BBQologists AND DJ No-Capitalista playing our most-liked salsa tunes.

Serving Vegetarian food as well! Fun activities for the whole family!!
Jun 26, 2016 - Toronto Hydro One Protest

When: Sunday, June 26th, 1pm
Where: City Hall West Tower, 100 Queen Street West

Time to be heard! Let's get together and tell Hydro One, the Ontario Energy Board, Bob Chiarelli and Kathleen Wynne that we are NOT paying these outragious hydro bills any longer. Time to say goodbye to these ridiculous delivery charges and time of use rates. Join organizer Richelle Goobie in saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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Jun 28, 2016 - OHIP For All

When: Tuesday June 28th, 12noon
Where: 900 Bay St., in front of the Ministry of Health

Over 200,000 people in Ontario are denied health coverage due to their immigration status. Many children, women and men have delayed seeking care, been denied care, asked for thousands of dollars upfront, or received massive bills. In some cases, people have died as a result. Low cost prevention means decreased high cost complications. Everyone has the right to healthcare when they're sick. Join us on June 28th and rally for OHIP for ALL!
Jun 29, 2016 - Forum: Universal Basic Income

When: Wednesday June 29th, 7pm
Where: Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Room 314

Featured Speakers: Adam Vaughan, Sheila Regehr, Josephine Grey, John Clarke, Jacquie Chic

The issue of Universal Basic Income was raised at our Community Forum on Income Security in December, as something requiring more discussion, so we have organized this Community Forum to facilitate the discussion in our community. The views of both proponents and critics of Universal Basic Income will be shared, followed by an open discussion. As seating is limited, we ask that you register with us to confirm your attendance.

Please register by sending an email to:

Organized by Kensington-Bellwoods Community Legal Services.