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May 29, 2020 - The New Authoritarians and COVID-19

When: Friday May 29th, 1pm

The New Authoritarians and COVID-19: a discussion with David Renton and Sita Balani about the rise of the far right in a time of crisis.

The years since the 2008 crash have seen a rise of authoritarian, right-wing politics across the globe. The many representatives of this ascendent current include Trump in the US, the UK's radicalized Conservative Party, Modi in India, Bolsonaro in Brazil, and Orban in Hungary.

Drawing on strands of multiple traditions, from traditional conservatism to fascism, this remains a novel and still-evolving formation, differing across national and regional contexts. Now, its representatives are faced with a pandemic, the impacts of which on our social, economic, and political systems - as well as on human life itself - are already vast.
May 29, 2020 - Let's talk about protecting renters

When: Friday May 29th, 12 pm

Renters across Canada have been feeling squeezed since COVID-19 hit. As provinces begin to re-open, what comes next?

Will we see large-scale evictions post-COVID-19? While provinces enacted eviction bans that protect people from the imminent threat of homelessness, residential tenants have not received targeted supports to help with the high cost of rent across the country. Without additional government measures, tenants who fall in arrears will be at risk of losing their homes during the reopening. Adequate housing is not only a fundamental human right, but as this pandemic made clearly evident, essential for public health.

This Friday, join CCPA-Ontario Senior Researcher Ricardo Tranjan and Maytree Foundation Research and Policy Analyst Hannah Aldridge as they detail their latest work exploring eviction prevention measures that governments can and should enact to ensure tenants remain safely housed.

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May 28, 2020 - Housing and a People’s Bailout: From Relief to Reimagining

When: May 28th, 7pm

This pandemic has exposed the foundations of deadly, long-standing inequality in housing. As lockdown continues, the rich shelter in second homes while senior, working-class, incarcerated and street-based people in overcrowded or inadequate housing situations face a death sentence.

The People's Bailout demands a response to Covid-19 that builds from emergency relief to a transformation of our entire society that prioritizes safety and stability for all. Everyone deserves a place to live -- in the pandemic and beyond.
May 28, 2020 - Anti-Asian Racism and The Pandemic

When: Thursday May 28th, 4:30pm

Solidarity In A Time Of Crisis

The Asian Canadian Labour Alliance, in collaboration with the Ontario Federation of Labour Workers of Colour Committee, OPSEU Coalition of Racialized Workers, OPSEU Provincial Human Rights Committee, and the Toronto and York Region Labour Council's Chinese Workers Network invite you to join a conversation and hear from workers experiencing racism during the pandemic.

- Tony Wong, Columnist, Toronto Star
- Jennifer Mak, Workplace Human Rights Investigator
- Elene Lam, Executive Director, Butterfly - Asian and Migrant Worker Sex Workers Support Network
- Justin Kong, Executive Director, Chinese Canadian National Council - Toronto Chapter
- Jollene Levid, Regional Organizer, United Teachers Los Angeles
May 28, 2020 - Emergency Transit Funding Now

When: Thursday May 28th

Essential workers -- like nurses, doctors and sanitation staff -- rely on transit to get to work.

But public transit systems across Canada are facing service cuts and driver layoffs, because they depend mostly on fares for funding.
Right now we need more service, not less, for safe physical distancing on transit!

Join the cross-Canada day of action and share why public transit is important to you! | Facebook event

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