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Sep 23, 2020 - The future of LTC in Canada

When: Sep 23rd, 8pm

The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare some shocking issues in the Long-Term Care sector. Next Wednesday, September 23 at 8pm we're hosting a webinar on why LTC in Canada was so hard hit by the pandemic and how we can reimagine LTC moving forward.

You're invited to join panelists Pat Armstrong, Hugh Armstrong and Dr. Amina Jabbar in the discussion.
Sep 21, 2020 - Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency in Ontario

When: Sep 21st, 7pm

Join us for an evening of music, a reading, author Q&A, and a panel discussion with local climate emergency activists.

Featuring a musical performance by Sarah Harmer!

- Amara Possian, Canadian campaigns manager
- Yannick Beaudoin, Ontario Director of the David Suzuki Foundation
- Cecilia La Rose, youth climate activist
Sep 17, 2020 - Book launch: Canada in the World

When: September 17th, 7pm

Join us on Thursday, September 17th, for the launch of Canada in the World: Settler Capitalism and the Colonial Imagination (Fernwood Books, 2020), with author Tyler Shipley, as well as Sara Jaffri, Cassandra Kislenko and Veldon Coburn.

Join the event on Zoom at 6:50pm, Thursday, September 17th, and get your Eventbrite ticket to access it here.
Sep 16, 2020 - Make Revera Public Zoom Townhall

When: September 16th, 7pm

The pandemic has exposed grave problems with how we take care of our seniors, in particular, the dangers of private, for-profit owners operating long-term care homes.

The many tragedies resulting directly from private, for-profit homes have led to calls on the federal and provincial governments to make long-term care public.

The Town Hall will include a short panel of speakers who will share their expertise on the ownership structure of Revera Inc. and how it might be made public. This will be a key first step in bringing all of the privately-owned for-profit long-term care facilities into public ownership.

In response, we are convening an open virtual Town Hall on September 16th |
Sep 14, 2020 - Labour Parade - Watch Party

When: Monday, September 14th, 8pm

Miss our Labour Day parade? Join us on Monday, September 14th to catch up with your sisters and brothers as we watch it altogether!

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