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Aug 16, 2019 - Animal Liberation Toronto Conference

When: August 16 - 19th

Join hundreds of activists in Toronto this summer to learn, be inspired, and take bold action for animals. The first annual Animal Liberation Toronto Conference will feature four days full of workshops on social change and strategies for success, training to prepare for taking action, networking and social events, and BOLD, MASS ACTIONS to demand change!
Aug 15, 2019 - [Oshawa] We Are Oshawa & a Green New Deal

When: Thursday August 15th, 7pm
Where: Storie Park Club House, 101 Mill St, Oshawa

Your newly elected Executive Committee has been tasked with rebuilding We Are Oshawa. We refuse to sit idle while our community is confronted with the Ford government's attacks on workers, public services, and the most vulnerable in our province.

We are faced with a decision: sit back and hope things get better or take action and fight back.

In addition to the Ford government, we are also faced with the prospect of a federal Conservative government in October, a looming climate crisis, and an ever-growing global far-right movement that is also establishing itself in Oshawa. Now is the time to act.
Aug 15, 2019 - Art and Mindfulness Workshop for Frontline Workers

When: Thursday August 15th, 6pm
Where: Grange Park, 317 Dundas Street W.

* Ewa Konart is an addictions counsellor and case worker. She has worked extensively in the community and has facilitated art workshops and projects that support conversations around mental health and systems change.

* Loretta is a community support worker and self taught visual artist. She uses drawing as part of a meditative practice and is interested in how art can play a role in individual as well as collective healing.

* Joanna Delos Reyes is a artist, musician, and community worker based in Toronto. She uses her background in art and social service work to develop programming that explores topics around cultural roots, self-expression, and compassion.

* Alida is a Community Support Worker with roots in community arts programming. She's passionate about growing peer support networks and spaces in creative and inclusive ways!
Aug 15, 2019 - Tailgate Party for Public Transit

When: Thursday August 15th, 3:30pm
Where: 195 Norseman St, Etobicoke

Buck-a-beer? We want buck-a-fare! (and better service). That's why we're holding a tailgate party for public transit.

While we hand out hot dogs, we'll also be serving information about the provincial funding cuts to TTC and delays to our transit plans.

We are meeting at the office of MPP Christine Hogarth in Etobicoke-Lakeshore. The provincial government has taken the Waterfront LRT off their map and cut $1.1-billion in TTC funding over the next 10 years.
Aug 15, 2019 - CGEU 2019 Conference: Building Solidarity Across Movements

When: Thursday August 15-18
Where: University of Toronto

CGEU 2019: Building Solidarity Across Movements comes at a time of growing resistance to austerity measures across North America. Student and labour movements are confronting major cuts to post-secondary education, public services, as well as a number of important social welfare programs. Now more than ever we are seeing an increase in social movement work and collaborative projects from student, labour and grassroots organizers as people from all walks of life mobilize to resist austerity measures.

This year CGEU looks at the intersections of our movements.
- How can students, workers and community activists unite the fight and organize across movements?
- How might our unique histories of organizing inform other movements and help us unite struggles for political, economic and social justice.
- How do we build power across movements?

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