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Oct 18, 2019 - Stories About Women

When: Friday October 18th, 8pm
Where: A Different Booklist, 777-779 Bathurst St.
Tickets: $10

Storytellers Erin Kang, Marsha Shandur, and Sage Tyrtle tell true stories about their experiences.

Erin Kang: Fifteen, dating a twenty-one year old, standing at the crossroads.

Marsha Shandur: 50,000 people were meant to show up. She was the only one who did.

Sage Tyrtle: On the planet Zablotz, bookish loner Sage would fit right in. Too bad she's stuck in California.
Oct 18, 2019 - Holocaust to Resistance: My Journey

When: Friday October 18th, 7pm
Where: Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave.
Childcare available on request.

Suzanne Berliner Weiss offers a page-turning narrative about her remarkable life of survival, resistance and solidarity. Hidden as a Jewish child from the Nazi regime of Vichy France, Suzanne shares her childhood journey from fascism in Europe to adoption in an American home in Cold War USA.

Motivated by an unstoppable drive and experience of consistently standing with the oppressed Suzanne returns decades later to the town that protected her as a child. For everyone who wants to change the world, please, read this book. - Abagail B. Bakan, University of Toronto. |
Oct 17, 2019 - Resisting Revitalized Bigotry in the Downtown East

When: Thursday October 17th, 6pm
Where: CRC at 40 Oaks, 40 Oak St.
Free event with a meal, childminding, wheelchair access and tokens.

Toronto's downtown east is changing rapidly. The historic Regent Park social housing is being reduced to rubble and the "mixed-income" imagination of politicians is coming alive. Towers with a combination of ownership condos and rental units for former social housing tenants have risen, with more on the way.

Mitchell Cohen, the president of Daniel's Corporation, sold his company's revitalization plan as one that would make "tenants and owners feel at home with each other and in their community." But the residents of Daniel's new building at Parliament and Dundas installed spikes on the large tree planters downstairs. Neighbours and passerby's would sit around those planters to rest, drink coffee or have conversations. Now they can't.

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Oct 11, 2019 - Black Cop

When: Friday October 11th, 7pm
Where: Different Booklist, 777 Bathurst St.

This week BLACK & CARIBBEAN BOOK AFFAIR 2019 continues with book launches for NEW #kidlit & memoirs by some of Canada's leading Black writers!

Calvin Lawrence's story lays bare the key failures of Canadian police organizations that operate on the basis that only white Canadians are entitled to the rights promised to all by the rule of law and the Canadian Charter of Rights.
Oct 10, 2019 - School-walkins

When: Thursday October 10th
Where: Your school

A walk-in is a gathering of the school community members outside the school- either before the school day or after classes end, to demand an end to the attacks on public education. We are calling for a reinvestment in our schools, children, and communities.

Walk-ins can take many forms depending on your school. It can be a rally, march, information table, even a breakfast. The point is to have one at every school on the same day, to build community and to unite people in a Province Wide show of strength that sends a strong message to Ford: Reverse the harmful cuts and reinvest in Ontario Public Education!

This is especially important during this time when Ford wants to divide students and parents from unions.

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