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Apr 17, 2014
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April 17, 2014


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Apr 14, 2014 - Ask your MP to stand up for public health care
The Conservatives are walking away from our public health care system:
* $36 billion cut to federal health funding over 10 years
* Longer wait times and hospital closures
* Privatization of hospitals and seniors’ care
* Greater inequality for people and provinces

Let's create the health care system we need:
* Quality public health care for every Canadian
* Public home care and long-term care
* Universal pharmacare
* Fair federal funding for our communities



Apr 17, 2014 - Palestinian Political Prisoners' Day
When: Thursday April 17th, 5pm
Where: Israeli Consulate, 180 Bloor Street West

More events listed at beitzatoun.org.

Events organized by Palestine House in coordination with Beit Zatoun, CAIA, CPA, IJAN, IJV, NION,QUAIA,STWC,UNJPPI, and WSP.

Apr 17, 2014 - Emergency rally in support of women in New Brunswick
When: Thursday April 17th, 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Where: SE corner, Yonge & Dundas Sts., Toronto

The Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton is being forced to close its doors in July because the government has refused to fund it. Women in New Brunswick face a crisis of access with the closure of the clinic, which performed between 600 and 700 abortions per year. 10% of those were for women from PEI, where there are no services.

Only two hospitals in New Brunswick provide abortion services. To obtain an abortion in a hospital in New Brunswick, a woman must get written approval from two doctors and it must be performed by a specialist.

Women in New Brunswick are demanding that their provincial government rescind the regulations which create unfair restrictions to access reproductive health services.

Women across Canada support this call, and demand that the federal government enforce the Canada Health Act which guarantees equal access to medical services to ALL women across the country.

EQUAL ACCESS NOW! Rescind Regulation 84-20!
HARPER: enforce the Canada Health Act!

Organized by the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics | Facebook event

Apr 19, 2014 - Palestinian Political Prisoners' Day
When: Saturday April 19th, 11am
Where: Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto

Panel discussion and movie screening

* Lana Sadeq, Palestine House executive director.
* Rana Hamadeh, a Palestinian-Canadian who was detained twice in the West Bank and still awaiting a trial.
* Syrus Marcus Ware, the co-founder of the Prison Justice Action Committee in Toronto.

The Movie, "When the Boys Return," will also be shown.

Apr 20, 2014 - Palestinian Political Prisoners' Day
When: Sunday April 20th, 6-9pm
Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St.

Letter writing dinner to Palestinian prisoners

Toronto ABC holds monthly letterwriting dinner events with different prisoner group focus each month. Toronto ABC devotes the April monthly letter writing dinner to Palestinian political prisoners.

Join us for an update on the situation for Palestinian prisoners, recent hunger strikes, and how you can help. We’ll be writing letters of solidarity to several prisoners and their families.


Apr 21, 2014 - Food Security Participatory Forum
When: Monday, April 21st, 11am
Where: United Steelworkers Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto, Ontario

A combination of workshops, video presentations, table displays, formal and informal information sharing, and action planning. Please join us in the discussion of food security. Be inspired to start your own gardening project with free seeds from the Toronto Seed Library.

Bring something to share at our common food table. Light lunch will be served at 11:30am. Please label your food to share for those who may have allergies or other food restrictions.


* Dr. Manuel Rozental Human right activist with a focus on native issues. Currently practicing surgeon in New Brunswick

* Alvaro Venturelli leading Plan B a 50 acre organic farm where the community can come to learn about organic farming, the source of our food, and the natural cycles of our bioregion.

* Cesar Caneo, Director of Operations in The Nourish and Develop Foundation, TNDF serves more than 300 families and individuals, who visit the Brock Food Pantry an average of 100 visits per month, distributing over $101,000 annually in food supplies. Guided by the two strategic goals: Community Food Security and Education for Self-Reliance, the Foundation has expanded its programs immensely.

The Toronto Seed Library Seed libraries work much like conventional public libraries, but focus instead on lending organic, native, heirloom and open pollinated seeds.
www.torontoseedlibrary.org | Facebook event

Apr 21, 2014 - Syriza and European Elections
When: Monday April 21st, 6pm
Where: OISE, Room 2-211, 252 Bloor Street West, Toronto

The Possibility and Challenges of the Left in Government in Greece and the May 25 European Elections

Leo Panitch is member of the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly, is Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy and Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science at York University. Editor of The Socialist Register, his books include Working Class Politics in Crisis (1986); The End of Parliamentary Socialism (with Colin Leys, 1997). He is the co-author with Sam Gindin of The Making of Global Capitalism (2012), winner of the 2013 Deutscher Memorial Prize.

Presented by The Chair in Modern Greek History, York University, in partnership with OPIRG-Toronto.

Apr 22, 2014 - The Bay of Pigs Invasion
When: Tuesday, April 22nd, 6:30pm
Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St., Toronto

The First Military Defeat of US Imperialism in Latin America

Documentary screening and guest speaker: The Honourable Javier Dómokos Ruiz, Consul General of Cuba in Toronto

On April 17, 1961 the US sent about 1,500 CIA-trained mercenaries to invade the Bay of Pigs (Playa Girón) on the southern coast of Cuba, in an attempt to overthrow the Cuban Revolution and by April 19, in less than 72 hours, the US empire had been defeated!

To the present date, US government-sponsored ultra-right terrorist groups in South Florida (which include mercenaries from the Bay of Pigs invasion) have caused the deaths of 3,478 innocent people, maimed over 2,000 people and continue to operate unobstructed by US authorities.


Apr 24, 2014 - Justice for Rana Plaza victims!
When: April 24th, 12:00-1:30pm
Where: The corner of King St. West and York St., Toronto

April 24, 2014 marks the one-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh - the worst industrial disaster to hit the garment industry, killing 1,138 people and injuring over 2,000.

It's time for companies who sourced from Rana Plaza to Pay Up!


Apr 24, 2014 - Activism in 2014
When: Thursday April 24th, 6pm
Where: 297 Victoria Street, 7th Floor, Toronto
Light refreshments will be served.

Join us in a discussion around anti-oppression and social justice. Guest speakers:

* Dr. Winnie Ng
* Cathy Crowe
* Judy Rebick


Apr 24, 2014 - Can a Lac Mégantic Rail Tragedy Happen in Toronto?
When: Thursday, April 24th, 7pm
Where: Danforth Mennonite Church, 2174 Danforth Ave., (East of Woodbine), Toronto

Guest speaker: Mary Fragedakis, City Councillor

Last July, a tanker train carrying inflammable "Bakken oil" exploded in Lac Megantic, Quebec in the middle of the night, killing 47 residents. This train travelled right through Toronto on the CP Rail line on its way to Lac Megantic.

Similar trains roll through our city many times each day. Could such an explosion happen right here, in our city?

Come to an open discussion. Hear the fact and speak your mind.

Organized by East End Against Line 9 | Facebook event


Apr 14, 2014 - Austerity, the Hard Right and the French Election
Barely two years after assuming office François Hollande finds himself to be the most unpopular French president in history. This past Sunday his Parti socialiste suffered serious defeats in local and municipal elections as French voters either abstained or supported parties of the Right. Although the conservative UMP (Union for a Popular Movement) was the main beneficiary of the socialists’ electoral debacle, the far-right Front National led by Marine Le Pen made significant gains. Le Pen's party won thirteen mayoralties and managed to elect over 1400 councillors; this is up from zero and 60, respectively, from the previous elections. In a few cases the Front National even won over towns considered to be historic bastions of the French Left.

Source: The Bullet No. 963

Apr 14, 2014 - The Emergence of the New Left Party in Slovenia
By Gal Kirn

Only a few years ago anyone advocating socialism in the Slovenian public media was seen either as an old nostalgic decrying "good old times" and Josip Broz Tito (leader of the former Yugoslavia), or as a leftist extremist, who in the political spectrum does not sit far away from the extreme right-wingers. Due to the tragic break-up of socialist Yugoslavia in early 1990s, socialism and Marx have long remained buried in the dustbin of history, or in the best case limited to scarce theoretical discussion within alternative circles.

Source: The Bullet No. 964

Apr 15, 2014 - The Left and the European Union
By Panagiotis Sotiris

What has been happening in Greece, since the beginning of the austerity packages in 2010 can only be described in terms of a giant experiment in neoliberal social engineering. In terms of magnitude and scope it well surpasses the effects of the notorious IMF ‘structural adjustment programs,’ especially if we take into consideration that all these take place within the context of a European liberal democracy and not some Latin American military dictatorship of the 1970s. One might say that it is the European Union's attempt to prove that it can be more efficient in implementing violent austerity programmes than the IMF.

Source: The Bullet No. 965

Apr 15, 2014 - The New Struggle for Public Transit
By Herman Rosenfeld

As we in Canada (and especially Toronto) face the painful and seemingly never-ending process of developing actual projects for public transit expansion, the drumbeat of calls for privatization in its various forms is inescapably present. Indeed, there is a failure even to fund properly the existing public transit network in Toronto and other Canadian cities. The Light Rail Transit (LRT) network proposed for Toronto, as part of the plan of the provincial government agency Metrolinx, has integrated a Public Private Partnership (P3) structure for a 30 year maintenance contract on the new light rail lines on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission). New projects associated with the federal government and the Ontario provincial governments have "alternative funding mechanisms" (AFM), the term being invoked for P3s and privatization (given the miserable record of P3s so far).

Source: The Bullet No. 966

Apr 17, 2014 - Capitalism in the Classroom
Neoliberalism, Education and Progressive Alternatives

Opening remarks by Carlo Fanelli. Keynote presentation by:

* Dr. James L. Turk, Executive Director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers: “The Remaking of University: What Can We Do?”

Source: LeftStreamed No. 214


Apr 15, 2014 - Food Justice Senior Coordinator
FoodShare Toronto is looking for a fulltime, passionate, Food Justice Senior Coordinator with dismantling racism training experience, project evaluation and community consultation facilitation, food policy, communications and fundraising experience in a new position as Food Justice Senior Coordinator working and reporting to the Food Justice & Community Food Animation Manager (FJ & CFA).

Hours of work: 37.5 hours/week
Compensation: $45,000/year with benefits
To apply: Please email your resume and cover letter to Utcha Sawyers at utcha@foodshare.net by Friday April 25, 2014 at 5pm.
FoodShare welcomes applications from persons of all cultural and racial backgrounds.


Apr 15, 2014 - Summer Camp Tool Ninja
The Toronto Tool Library and Makerspace is looking for a team of energetic facilitators to guide our mini-makers in week-long creation camps this summer.

Successful candidates will be comfortable demonstrating and teaching the safe use of power tools, hand tools, and some electronics, as well as possessing a creative, energetic side to help our youth realize their full potential.

We are looking for counselors who can facilitate an open-ended young learning environment, bringing out the creative side of our students. Whether you are an enthusiastic high-school tinkerer, or an experienced teacher with decades of experience, we welcome your application to join our team!

Salaries will vary depending on the skills and talents of our counselors. Hourly rates begin at $18/hour.
Please send your resume and a short letter telling us why you should be the next Tool Ninja to contact@irbe.org. For questions please call Ryan at 647-965-5604.



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