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Feb 11, 2016
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February 11, 2016


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Support Fairness at Covered Bridge Potato Chips!
The folks who work at the COVERED BRIDGE POTATO CHIPS factory in Hartland, New Brunswick are on strike. They were forced out on strike because for the past two years, the people who own COVERED BRIDGE have said “NO” to paying a fair living wage and recognizing some basic workplace rights.

So we’re asking for your help to get the company back to bargaining a fair first contract.

Help Get Covered Bridge Back to the Negotiating Table – Send a Letter to the CEO.



Feb 11, 2016 - The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution
When: Thursday, February 11th, 9pm
Where: Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton Street, Toronto
Tickets: $10

This the first feature-length documentary to explore the Black Panther Party, its significance to the broader American culture, its cultural and political awakening for black people, and the painful lessons wrought when the movement derailed. Master documentarian Stanley Nelson goes straight to the source, weaving a treasure trove of rare archival footage with the voices of the people who were there: police, FBI informants, journalists, white supporters and detractors, and the Black Panthers who remained loyal to the party and those who left it.


Feb 14, 2016 - Strawberry Ceremony for Indigenous Women, Girls, Trans and Two Spirits
When: Sunday February 14th, 12:30pm
Where: Police Headquarters, 40 College Street at Bay, Toronto

Strawberry Ceremony with Elder Wanda Whitebird begins at 12:30pm.

Please leave your agency, institutional and organization banners at home and instead make signs in honour of women, girls, trans and two spirit people who have died violent and premature deaths.

Singers, song keepers and drummers please bring your drums for the ceremony. Drummers from the organizing committee, with the direction of Wanda will be leading songs. Jingle dress dancers are also called to join on the march. Please contact us if you can participate so protocols can be observed.

We recognize that February is out of season for a ceremony involving strawberries, but the violence we are experiencing is also a disruption in our traditional ways of life.

Feb 16, 2016 - The Ottawa Shootings that Led to Bill C-51
When: February 16th, 7pm
Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St.,
$10-5 donation (suggested minimum)

On October 22, 2014, an armed man, having killed a soldier, ran into the Parliament Building. The incursion and its aftermath eased the passage of Bill C-51 (in May 2015), which expands the powers of security services. Despite calling the attack “the most serious security breach on Parliament Hill in history,” the Canadian Government has not satisfactorily explained how or why a troubled, homeless man would carry out an the act.

About the speaker: Graeme MacQueen received his Ph.D from Harvard and taught in McMaster University’s Religious Studies department for 30 years. In 1989, he became founding Director of the Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster. In 2014, he published “The 2001 Anthrax Deception” and in 2015 he released the report, “The October 22, 2014, Ottawa Shootings: Why Canadians Need a Public Inquiry.” (download pdf). Also read an article at first anniversary of the incident.


Feb 17, 2016 - Open New Emergency Shelters Now!
When: Wednesday, February 17th, 11am
Where: Queen and Sherbourne
Soup Provided

Anyone who tries to find a bed within the Toronto homeless shelter system is fully aware that it is in a crisis of overcrowding. During the week of January 18, OCAP members and allies visited the City warming centres and interfaith Out of the Cold shelters that function as a back up for the overloaded system. We spoke to people using these places and volunteers in them. What we found more than confirmed our worst fears.

People are being packed into spaces that, despite the best efforts of those running them, are unable to meet the need. The facilities are inadequate, the demand for them is too great, and people are being turned away.

ocap.ca | Facebook event

Feb 21, 2016 - Hands Off Our Healthcare, Hydro, Transit and Housing
When: Sun., Feb. 21st, 10am to 3:30pm
Where: 31 Wellesley St. E, Toronto
Free lunch will be provided

Privatization is everywhere in the city, our province, and across the country, whether is is selling off public resources and services; financing and managing public projects through public/private partnerships (P3s); contracting out the public capacity to manage and oversee the operation of programmes we all need.

Privatization seeks to transform our education, healthcare, energy, and transit into more assets for the 1% to profit from. It undermines public healthcare, affordable, sustainable and reliable energy, accessible transit, social and affordable housing, and the livelihoods of those who work in these sectors.

Who loses most from privatization? Workers, the unemployed, oppressed groups and the environment.

A number of movements work to challenge privatization -- campaigns against the privatization of Hydro One and Toronto Hydro, healthcare, housing and transit. They include unions, community groups, ordinary people and others involved in researching and studying forms of privatization.

Join us for a day of discussion, strategy building and deepening our own capacities to understand and challenge privatization, and contribute to a common strategy to fight back.
Speakers to include:
* Rosario Marchese, Citizens Coalition Against Privatization
* Leo Panitch, Prof. York University
* Natalie Mehra, Ontario Health Coalition (Toronto Hydro)
* John Camilleri, President, CUPE Local 1
* Brenda Thompson, TTCriders and Free Transit Toronto
* Heather Whiteside, University of Waterloo

keephydropublic.ca | www.meetup.com


Can People's Power Save the Bolivarian Revolution?
By Richard Fidler

Seventeen years after Hugo Chávez was elected Venezuela's President for the first time, the supporters of his Bolivarian Revolution, now led by President Nicolás Maduro, suffered their first major defeat in a national election in the December 6 elections to the country's parliament, the National Assembly. Coming only two weeks after the victory of right-wing candidate Mauricio Macri in Argentina's presidential election, it was a stunning setback to the "process of change" in Latin America that Chávez had spearheaded until his premature death from cancer in 2013.

Source: The Bullet No. 1211

The Davos Blind Eye: How the Rich Eat the Poor and the World
By John McMurtry

The just-released Oxfam Davos report An Economy For the 1% which the mass media have ignored arrestingly shows that 62 individuals (388 in 2010) now own more wealth than 50 per cent of the world's population. More shockingly, it reports from its uncontested public sources that this share of wealth by half of the world's people has collapsed by over 40 per cent in just the last five years. Yet the big lies persist even here that "the progress has been made in tackling world poverty" and "extreme poverty has been halved since 1990."

Source: The Bullet No. 1212

Rekindling Hope: SYRIZA's Challenges and Prospects
By Michalis Spourdalakis

Before turning to the main theme of this article it would be very useful to come to terms with at least the following preliminary observations: The left in government and especially the radical left in government has never been the subject of easy discussion among leftists. As the project of social transformation was never a peaceful stroll in the park, the debates on the question of in and/or out of government, let alone those about political power, have been very heated. In fact, it is hardly an exaggeration to say that these debates are as old as the left itself.

Source: The Bullet No. 1213

Austerity Unbroken
Jannis Milios interviewed by Alp Kayserilioglu

Much coverage of the Greek debt crisis has focused on the ‘troika’ of international creditors and German chancellor Angela Merkel -- a striking image of parasitic foreign powers scapegoating the country for personal gain. In some corners of the Left, this narrative has fueled the demand for ‘Grexit’ (a Greek exit from the eurozone) under the impression that
such a move would create a more favorable environment for a break with austerity. This animated the Left Platform's disagreements with Syriza's bargaining-table approach and their later metamorphosis into Popular Unity.

Source: The Bullet No. 1214


Head of Member and Network Development
IFEX is a dynamic and diverse network of over 100 non-governmental organisations worldwide that defend and promote the right to freedom of expression and information.

What will make you stand out from the crowd?
* A university degree in related discipline or equivalent experience.
* 5+ years' experience supporting and/or facilitating NGO and network strengthening, including:
- Programme strategy development, planning, implementation, and reporting
- Programme budget development and management
- Planning and implementing a diverse range of best practices and skills-sharing opportunities
- Managing short and longer-term financial support to organisations

Position Type: Full Time
Salary: $60,000-70,000

Please send a CV and a statement of interest along with your application via email by 29 February 2016 to hiring@ifex.org with "Hiring Committee: IFEX Head of Member and Network Development" in the subject line | www.ifex.org



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