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Nov 27, 2014
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November 27, 2014


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Nov 24, 2014 - The Energy East Pledge of Resistance
TansCanada is trying to build a pro-pipeline supporter base of 35,000. I pledge to help build a resistance that's at least twice as strong in just one week by joining and sharing this campaign with 5 new friends -- with numbers like that we'll be able to show everyone just how strong the clean energy movement is!


Nov 25, 2014 - #grumpyrider selfies
Ever felt grumpy on the TTC? Yeah, us too.

That’s why we are launching our #grumpyrider social media campaign. Next time you’re feeling grumpy on the TTC, snap and send a #grumpyrider selfie to us and our elected officials at City Hall and Queen’s Park. (You can also just send a message to your elected officials, if you don’t feel like taking a photo.)

Our elected officials need to understand the collective frustration Toronto’s 1.7 million riders feel when we face overcrowding, delays, breakdowns, long wait times and more on the TTC.

But there could be some happiness in sight. On Tuesday December 9, our elected officials can choose to say yes to improving service now! Not in 2025, but now!


Nov 26, 2014 - Killing of 43 Students in Mexico
To the international community

To the general public,

We wish to express our deepest alarm and anger over the repressive actions that the government of Mexico has systematically demonstrated in response to the public unrest generated by the disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa’s Teacher’s College.

President Enrique Peña Nieto’s statements about using state forces on November 19th, and the excesses committed by the anti-riot police and other security bodies against the peaceful civilian demonstration on November 20th, constitute ominous signs that threaten the peaceful development of the citizens’ protest movement.



Nov 27, 2014 - Endless War? The Middle East and Canada's New Militarism
When: Thursday, November 27th, 7pm
Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto

In 2003, the U.S. and its allies invaded Iraq on false pretenses and left the country in ruins almost a decade later, creating the conditions for ISIL's ascension in the region. Now the U.S. is spearheading a campaign to return to Iraq and enter Syria to fight off ISIL. Canada has heeded its neighbour's call for support and is already on the ground "helping" with the mission. Canadian reinforcement for U.S. imperial endevours around the world is standard procedure, but Canada has its very own imperial strategy as well. A new foreign policy stance has led to interventions in Afghanistan, Haiti, Libya, and Mali, among other places.

Canada is (again) intervening in the Middle East with fighter jets, logistics, forward bases, and other supports. This is another escalation in the 'new militarism' that is dominating Canadian foreign policy and increasingly, society. Can the intervention succeed even on its own militarist terms? What are the alternatives for the anti-war movement?

In the midst of the conflict is the besieged city of Kobane, part of the Kurdish region of Rojava in northern Syria. Two years ago Syrian Kurds declared autonomy and set up a system of direct democracy called "Democratic Confederalism." What is happening on the ground and how can the Left support the Rojava Revolution and Kobane?

* Sabah Alnasseri, Professor of Political Science, York University
* Judy Deutsch, Science for Peace, Canadian Dimension Magazine
* Tyler Shipley, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Humber College
* Sardar Saadi, PhD Student at UofT, Toronto-based activist

Sponsored by: Centre for Social Justice, Science for Peace, Socialist Project | Facebook event | PDF poster

Nov 28, 2014 - Trans and Intersex Awareness Seminar
When: Friday, November 28th, 11:30am
Where: Wilson Hall (WI 2002), 40 Willcocks St., Toronto

The Trans & Intersex Awareness Seminar is presented to you by the Equity Studies Student Union, in collaboration with the Sexual Diversity Studies Student Union. Hosted by Trans/Intersex/2spirit award-winning playwright and filmmaker Alec Butler, this experience is a do-not-miss! Please note that this is a limited attendance event (the audience will be limited to 25 persons).

Alec Butler is a Canadian playwright and filmmaker. Born Intersex and assigned female at birth, Alec identified as a butch lesbian in his early life, during which time he created some of his more well-known plays, “Black Friday” (which found him nominated for the Governor General’s Award for English drama in 1990) and “Medusa Rising”.


Nov 28, 2014 - Learning From Tragedies
When: Friday November 28th, 12pm
Where: Sears Atrium, Engineering Building, 245 Church St [3rd floor]

Nearly 25 years ago, the murder of 14 women at the École Polytechnique in Montreal gave rise to a national movement to improve the control of firearms. The Coalition for Gun Control emerged from the tragedy as a non-partisan alliance of organizations - public health, victims, police, women's groups, crime prevention, faith based, labour, education and more - and has worked since then to strengthen Canada's gun control law. However, as of the past two years, Canada is now one of the few nations weakening controls on firearms.

Panelists include:
* Wendy Cukier, Ryerson University and Coalition for Gun Control;
* Amanda Dale, Barbara Schlifer Clinic;
* Audette Shephard, United Mothers Opposing Violence Everywhere (UMOVE);
* Shaun O'Brien, Cavalluzzo, Shilton, McIntyre, Cornish


Nov 28, 2014 - Discussion on Alan Sears' The Next New Left
When: Friday, November 28th, 7pm
Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St. (Bathurst and Bloor), Toronto

* Alan Sears, author of The Next New Left, member of Toronto New Socialists (former member of the GTWA Coordinating Committee)
* Patti Dalton, London Common Front & President of London and District Labour Council
* Umair Muhammad, author of Confronting Injustice, Jane-Finch Against Poverty
* Chris Ramsaroop, activist with Justicia for Migrant Workers

Facebook event

Nov 28, 2014 - Line 9 Mississauga: Worth the risk?
When: Friday, November 28th, 7pm
Where: Promenade Gallery, 943-B Lakeshore Rd. E., Mississauga

Line 9 is an aging oil pipeline owned by Enbridge Inc. that runs through some of the most densely populated parts of Canada. Enbridge wants to use the line to ship heavy crude, which includes ultra-heavy tar sands oil. The pipeline was not built for this purpose.

Enbridge’s Line 9 proposal carries many risks, but few rewards for communities along the pipeline’s route. The proposal puts the drinking water of millions at risk of an oil spill.

In Mississauga, Line 9 crosses 4 waterways as it passes through the city bordering Highway 403. Drivers do not realize that they are passing the highest-risk portion of an aging 833-kilometre pipeline.

The National Energy Board has ordered Enbridge not to restart its Line 9 pipeline until further notice. Enbridge was expecting the pipeline to be in operation by November 1.

Find out more from Council of Canadians Peel. Seating limited, RSVP pwill4481@gmail.com

Facebook event

Nov 29, 2014 - A Line in the Tar Sands
When: Saturday November 29th, 1pm
Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St. , Toronto

Join contributors, an editor, and Line 9 activists for a celebration of A Line in the Tar Sands: Struggles for Environmental Justice.

Tar sands "development" comes with an enormous environmental and human cost. But tar sands opponents -- fighting a powerful international industry -- are likened to terrorists; government environmental scientists are muzzled; and public hearings are concealed and rushed.

Yet, despite the formidable political and economic power behind the tar sands, many opponents are actively building international networks of resistance, challenging pipeline plans while resisting threats to indigenous sovereignty and democratic participation.

* Toban Black, Editor
* Lana Goldberg, Rising Tide Toronto
* Lindsay Gray, Aamjiwnaang and Sarnia Against Pipelines
* Myeengun Henry, Chippewas of the Thames First Nation
* Lilian Yap, Contributor

Co-sponsored by the Centre for Social Justice and Between the Lines. Thank you to our online media sponsor: rabble.ca | Facebook event | PDF poster

Nov 29, 2014 - Vigil for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Men, and Children
When: Saturday November 29th, 6pm
Where: Dufferin Grove Park, 875 Dufferin Street, Toronto

Join Us as we hold a Candle Light Vigil for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Men, and Children on Saturday, November 29th @ Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto.

Speakers Include Jenn Mt. Pleasant, Leighann Ford, actress Tantoo Cardinal and More.

Stay tuned for more details at www.facebook.com/events/366218966889956

Nov 29, 2014 - Words and Music for Access to Justice
When: Saturday, November 29th, 6:30pm, performance begins at 7pm
Where: Hirut Restaurant, 2050 Danforth Avenue, Toronto
Pay What You Can

A Benefit to support KEEP NEIGHBOURHOOD LEGAL CLINICS, a community group dedicated to keeping 14 area legal clinics in Toronto operating and open and accountable to their communities. There is a proposal to close them all and replace them with 3 mega service centres to provide legal services to 100,000's of poor people in Toronto.

Bänoo Zan, Laura Fernandez, Nigel Barnes and Norman Cristofoli

Alan McKinlay, Alexandra Innes, Annette Shaffer, Bela Ray, Bayern Maxwell (Brian), Chihiro Nagamats, Michelle Lecce, Myna Wallin, Niki Koulouris, Pat Kelly, Robert Priest, Sean Peever, Valentino Assenza, Vanessa McGowan and Wally Brooker.

Facebook event

Nov 30, 2014 - The future of progressive media
When: Sunday, November 30th, 11am
Where: Winchevsky Centre, 585 Cranbrooke, Toronto

Authors and commentators Judy Rebick and Rick Salutin will be addressing the subject of the future of the progressive media at a fundraiser for Outlook, Canada's progressive Jewish magazine.

Starting with a brunch and followed by a discussion and Q/A.

$25 if ticket is reserved in advance before Nov. 23 by credit card and $30 at the door. Reservations are required as space is limited. Phone either Bea Levis at 416-767-8296 or Barbara Blaser at 416-398-3405.

Nov 30, 2014 - Solidarity with Burnaby Mountain Land Defence
When: Sunday Nov 30th, 2pm
Where: Yonge-Dundas Square

Join us in Toronto as we stand in solidarity with those who are defending the land out in so-called British Columbia on Burnaby Mountain, unceded Coast Salish Land.

We will meet this Sunday, 2 PM at Dundas Square, as we stand in solidarity with the Musqueam, Tseil-Watuth, Squamish, Tahltan and the Residents of Burnaby who are currently blocking the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain tarsands pipeline in Burnaby Mountain Conservation Park.

An International call to action has come from land defenders on the mountain, and Toronto must answer.

RCMP and Police have arrested 73 people and even detained children since the court ordered injunction to remove protestors went into effect earlier this week. Clashes between Police and protestors have been intensifying, while the Mayor of Burnaby went on record to support the protestors saying “This is going to be war”.

The proposed pipeline will allow for a drastic increase in tar sands oil production, making it impossible for Canada to keep up with its own emissions targets, and further polluting the traditional hunting territories of indigenous communities downstream from the tar sands and along the pipeline route.

Facebook event

Dec 1, 2014 - Walk in Solidarity with Mexico
When: Monday, December 1st, 6:30pm
Where: Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto
Walk from Nathan Square to the Mexican consulate (11 King St.) and to Dundas Sq.

Demand justice for the 43 disappeared Mexican students from Ayotzinapa, protest against violence and impunity and say no to repression. Toronto will stand in solidarity with Mexico! Come in large numbers invite family and friends.

Facebook event

Dec 3, 2014 - [Webinar] CIRA Webinar with Jane McAlevey
When: Wed, Dec 3rd, 2pm
Where: your computer

The Canadian Industrial Relations Association is running a series of free webinars on important labour topics of the day. December 3 will feature American Jane McAlevey, author of Raising Expectations and Raising Hell: My Decade Fighting for the Labor Movement (Verso, 2014).

To register: attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7238270125764101121

Dec 4, 2014 - TTCriders end-of-year celebration fundraiser
When: Thursday December 4th, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham Street, Toronto

Cash bar | Stay tuned for more raffle prize announcements. Additional raffle tickets on sale on the night until the draw at 6.30pm.

$25 for entry, a free drink ticket, delicious appetizers, and a free raffle ticket.



Nov 24, 2014 - Dining Out in Dinkytown
By Bryan D. Palmer

If you are in Minneapolis, after a hard day's night, the place to go for a morning pick-me-up is Al's Breakfast. Or so I was informed. Being in the Twin Cities in mid-July, I made my way to the legendary AM eatery, located in the heart of Dinkytown, the neighborhood adjacent to the University of Minnesota where Al's is located. Mind you, no one had told me anything about the place. My heart sank as I rounded the 14th Avenue corner and took in the line that had formed outside of an establishment half way down the block. As I shuffled into place at the end of the queue and glanced inside my spirits nose-dived even further.

Source: The Bullet No. 1057

Nov 25, 2014 - State Terror and the Murder of 43 Students in Mexico
By Richard Roman and Edur Velasco Arregui

The Mexican government, welcomed as a partner of the Canadian and U.S. governments in continental economic development (North American Free Trade Agreement – NAFTA) and continental security also happens to partner in crime and the slaughter of its own people. The murders and disappearances of the students from the Rural Normal "Raúl Isidro Burgos," of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, Mexico on September 26, 2014 in Iguala, was a crime of the State, as hundreds of thousands of Mexicans have claimed in their protests. The governmental investigation that followed the September 2014 attack on these students has been deliberately incompetent and not aimed at getting to the roots of the crime as these roots, in fact, are the tangled web of state-drug gang corruption and the state's dirty war in defense of the neoliberal transformation of Mexico. The investigation has been staged, quite ineffectively, as a public relations operation to calm foreign investors and to cool out protest, efforts that have completely failed within Mexico. By claiming that the blame was at the local level, the corrupt collusion of a local mayor and his avaricious wife with a brutal cartel, it seeks to present itself, the national government, as the defender of justice.

Source: The Bullet No. 1058

Nov 25, 2014 - Class 101: Workers, Middle Class, and the 1%
A discussion between John Sharkey and Jordy Cummings about class... what is class, manual vs intellectual labour, what is exploitation, and how does it relate to other oppressions? The relation of labour struggles to other social movements? John Sharkey and Jordy Cummings are both active members of the Education Committee of the Greater Toronto Workers' Assembly.

Source: LeftStreamed No. 239

Nov 26, 2014 - Fairness Works
The labour movement is working for a fairer future for all Canadians.

The labour movement is committed to improving the lives of workers and has been for over 100 years. That's our job. Our aim is to improve the lives of all Canadians by working on the issues that matter most to everyone.


Nov 26, 2014 - Women Arrested Demanding Safe Space
While the shelters are overcrowded and there is still no after-hours drop-in for women and trans people in Toronto, the City chose to violently arrest 5 women rather than open safe space now. The City has acknowledged
that there is a serious issue with the lack of shelter space and need for the drop-in yet it does nothing. It is cold and will only get colder. More people will get sick or even die on the streets because of their inaction. Women are being sexually assaulted on an ongoing basis with no safe space to go yet bureaucratic stalling has delayed the drop-in that Council passed.

Those arrested have all been released from police custody and are facing charges of mischief and trespass. They will be in court for first appearance shortly. More details to follow about supporting those arrested. The fight for shelter and safe space continues.

Source: ocap.ca


Nov 24, 2014 - Communications Assistant, CCPA-Ontario
One-year contract, 20 hours a week

This is a unique opportunity for an enterprising, versatile and progressive-minded person to work at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative’s new Ontario office, located in Toronto. Reporting to the CCPA-Ontario director, the Communications Assistant will support the office in its communications objectives and manage the office’s online presence. This part-time contract is ideal for someone with strong technical skills whose aim is to build a career in communications, working within the social justice and/or non-profit sector. The ideal candidate is an innovative online communicator with a high level of technical aptitude; someone who understands web culture at an instinctive level. We are looking for a creative and strategic thinker who embraces the details and the dirty work involved in maintaining, administering and reporting on online systems. Shows great attention to detail and accuracy.

Please forward your cover letter and resume in confidence by December 4, 2014 to: CCPA-Ontario Director Trish Hennessy, employment@policyalternatives.ca.


Nov 25, 2014 - OCIC Communications Coordinator
Term: 14-month Maternity Leave Position
Deadline: December 4, 2014 – 12 noon
Salary: $37,000-$39,000 + benefits / year (pro-rated)
Interviews: Week of December 15, 2014
Location: Toronto, ON
Beginning: January 2015

The Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC) is an expanding community of Ontario-based international development and global education organizations and individual associate members working globally for social justice.



Nov 27, 2014 - More Social Media tips
A few months ago, Facebook changed its default settings to enable auto-play of video content on the social network's news feed. Here are some instructions to control these settings:

For desktop computers and laptops: Go to your options drop-down menu in the top right. Click "Settings," Select the "Videos" link on the left. Turn the "Auto-Play Videos" from ON to OFF.

For Phones and tablet apps: You can adjust your auto-play settings to On, Wi-Fi only or Off. If auto-play is On, the data used depends on the amount of time you spend watching a video. If you scroll past an auto-play video in News Feed, your phone will use less data than if you stop to watch it for a longer period of time. If auto-play is set to Wi-Fi only, no data will be used.

To adjust your auto-play settings: Android: Open the Facebook app, Tap your phone's menu button, Tap Settings, Scroll down and tap Video Auto-play, Choose an option.

Here's a complete list of instructions and here.


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