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Apr 27, 2017
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April 27, 2017


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Stop Citizenship Bill Language / Knowledge Test Amendment
The Canadian Senate has adopted a motion to amend Bill C-6 (the Citizenship Bill) to increase the requirement of language and knowledge test for citizenship from age 55 to 60.

The Bill is almost at the final stage of becoming law, but is yet to receive final approval in Parliament.

Contact your Member of Parliament today and ask them to reject the language amendment.


A Crucial Time in Hassan Diab’s Case
Two French investigative judges have ordered Hassan's release on bail for the sixth time because of "consistent evidence" that Hassan was in Lebanon at the time of the 1980 bombing. This encouraging news has not turned into getting Hassan back to Canada, not even out on bail. All previous release orders have been appealed by the French prosecutor and overturned by the Court of Appeal because of the political climate in France. The hearing of the new appeal is this Friday afternoon.

We feel that enormous pressure needs be put on the Canadian Government to urge them to take action and bring Hassan home. Therefore, please, can you send a message to the Canadian Ministers of Justice and Foreign Affairs?

It might be that you wrote already; however, another reminder will only underline the urgency of your message. Your letter does not have to be long! What counts is the number of letters from Canadians who show that they are concerned about the continued detention of an innocent man, and who want the Government to ACT.

Our message is clear: We urge the Ministers to raise Hassan's case with the French authorities. Hassan must be released from prison as soon as possible and allowed to return to his home and family in Canada. At the very least, Hassan must be released on bail as the French investigative judges have ordered.



Apr 28, 2017 - MayWorks 2017
The 32nd annual Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts will take place from April 28 – May 7, 2017, at various locations in Toronto, and will feature multi-disciplinary events highlighting precarious work and collective struggle for decent wages and healthy working conditions. We invite you to download the Mayworks program here.

Register for Mayworks events:
All Mayworks events are free of charge. To guarantee a seat, get your tickets via Eventbrite now.

Invite your friends and family to Mayworks events:
All Mayworks events are on Facebook. Share the event and invite your friends to join you.

For more information on this year's Festival, please visit www.mayworks.ca.

Apr 28, 2017 - Women, Children, and War
When: Friday, April 28th, 7pm
Where: Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave

Guest Speakers Dr. Gretchen Roedde and Dr. Reeju Ray headline this event organized by Science for Peace and Voice of Women for the Global Day of Action Against Military Spending. All are welcome!

scienceforpeace.ca | Facebook event

Apr 28, 2017 - Peoples Resistance Pachanga
When: Friday, April 28th, 7:30 PM
Where: San Lorenzo Church, 2981 Dufferin Street

You are invited to a MASQUERADE! Dress up to fight fear and oppression. Make a mask of your most loathed warmonger or fascist oppresor. Be creative!!

This pachanga/party marks the end of our official solidarity month. We have seen the people of Ecuador exercise democracy. People in Venezuela are growing strong and resisting the media attacks. Cuba is preparing to celebrate the first May Day since the passing of Fidel. People in Argentina continue to denounce and fight for freedom to political prisoners like Milagro Sala. In Guatemala we mourned the death of 43 young girls in a 'safe home' for children. El Salvador has led the way to stronger resistance against mining. The struggle for social justice, for self-determination, for equity and against human rights violation continues.

Facebook event

Apr 29, 2017 - Urban Worker Skillshare
When: Saturday, April 29th, 9:30am – 8:30pm
Where: Story Arts Centre, Centennial College, 951 Carlaw Avenue
Sliding scale: $20, $50 or Pay What You Can.

Calling all freelancers, contract workers and solopreneurs!

Join 150 other urban workers to share best practices and to learn from one another. You will connect with experts to get your most burning questions answered, share your hard earned lessons and build community. Together we’ll skill up while we envision how to make work and life more secure in this new economy.


Apr 29, 2017 - Climate March for The Planet, Animals, and People
When: Saturday, April 29th, 10am
Where: Trinity Square, 10 Trinity Sq

On Saturday April 29th, join us as we march in unity with Washington, and the World to stand up for this beautiful Earth we call home.

Together we have the power to keep safe the water we drink, the air that we breathe, the nature that surrounds us, and the wildlife we share this land with. Not to mention we can save our economy from being swallowed whole by human greed!

Let's march for justice. Let's march for our friends across the world, our families, our children. Our future. Let's fight for our Climate!

Facebook event

Apr 29, 2017 - Save our services, Respect our staff
When: Saturday April 29th, 10am
Where: Woodsworth College, 119 St. George Street

Join us at the UTSU Board meeting to spread the word that the UTSU cannot go ahead with their plan to try to fire Vita and Maria. We must send a strong message that students need quality services and workers deserve respect!

The UTSU must respect the collective agreement with CUPE 1281, Vita and Maria’s union, and make quality student services a priority.

The University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU) executive and board of directors are attempting to eliminate the positions of the Health and Dental Plan Coordinator and Clubs and Service Groups Coordinator; and the UTSU executive has failed to fill the position of Financial Coordinator after an almost 12-month vacancy.

Facebook evenyt

Apr 29, 2017 - People's Climate Movement
When: Saturday, April 29th, 12 noon
Where: Allan Gardens, 19 Horicultural Avenue
Hashtag: #KeepItInTheGround

Join the People’s Climate Movement this April 29th in Toronto and around the world to stand up for our communities and climate.

Plans are underway by labour, environmental, indigenous, and social justice groups for a People's Climate March in Toronto on April 29th. This will form part of a North American Day of Action initiated by The People’s Climate Movement. The U.S coalition is calling for a massive march in Washington D.C and sister marches across the world, and the Toronto organizing groups have coordinated with the Climate Convergence in Vancouver and other organizations across the country. We are organizing the march to be the anchor event to a week of education and mobilization in April and a week of actions in May.

On April 29th we will be in the streets across Canada to show the world and our leaders that we will resist fossil fuel projects and policies that attack our people, our communities and our planet.

actionnetwork.org | Facebook event

Apr 29, 2017 - For Justice, Peace, and Socialism
When: Saturday April 29th, 7pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
Where: Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil St.
All are welcome. Childcare provided. Admission free. Food and beverage will be for sale.

The United May Day Committee keeps alive the tradition of International Workers’ Day by organizing an indoor rally to complement the annual march on the streets of Toronto. We bring together labour, political, and international speakers with a rich array of talented dancers, singers, poets and musicians from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

This year's event, on Saturday, April 29th, is the seventh anniversary of our celebration at the Steelworkers Hall. We are again offering a program with powerful, relevant speakers and outstanding entertainment. Featured among the speakers will be labour activist and former President of the Ontario Federation of Labour Sid Ryan, Dave McKee, Leader of the Communist Party of Canada (Ontario), and ant-racism activist Sarah Ali, of the Organizing Committee Against Islamophobia.

Artists in this year's cultural program include drumming ensemble Baro Dununba, Chilean-Canadian singer-songwriter Marcelo Puente, the duet of Tony Quarrington & Laura Fernandez, and DJ Mohammad Ali . O Puck will open the evening with a blessing from the First Nations tradition.

Facebook event

Apr 29, 2017 - Conscious Minds Co-operative
When: Saturday, April 29th, 8:30pm
When: Jam Factory T.O., 2 Matilda St., Toronto
$10 in advance / $15 at the door

Rebirth. Renewal. Emergence. Play!

Our CM community officially launches as a co-operative after 4 years of rooting down and organizing Conscious Minds Camp. Help us celebrate & see what we're about! We bloomin'!

Sounds + Vibes by
+ caaphDJORK
+ Char Aragoza
+ byi
+ Bea Palanca

All funds go toward supporting Conscious Minds Camp 2017 -- an educational and healing space among the trees and stars | www.eventbrite.ca | Facebook event

Apr 30, 2017 - Join the May 1 Rent Strike!
When: Sunday April 30th, 12noon
Where: Parkdale Library, 1303 Queen Street West

MetCap: Stop the above guideline rent increases! Do the repairs!

We will march to MetCap buildings on Tyndall and Jameson, then rally in front of the high school, Parkdale Collegiate Institute.

Live in a MetCap building? Join the rent strike May 1.

Live in Parkdale and rent from a landlord other than MetCap? Support your neighbours!

Facebook event

Apr 30, 2017 - Chernobyl Anniversary
When: Sunday, April 30th, 7pm
Where: Friends House, 60 Lowther Ave.,

To commemorate the 31st Anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, join us for a film screening of the 2012 documentary The Atomic States of America.

On April 26, 1986, a nuclear reactor in Pripyat, Ukraine suffered a catastrophic power increase, leading to explosions in its core. This dispersed large quantities of radioactive isotopes into the atmosphere and caused an open-air fire. Thousands got cancer, mutations, Chernobyl heart, and have died. After spending billions, it is still a disaster zone.

To honor the victims (and continue informing ourselves & others about nuclear risks), we will screen the film 'Atomic States of America' and have a discussion of current energy policy in Ontario. This excellent documentary covers all aspects of the nuclear scene: economic, political, safety, accidents, weapons, waste.

Facebook event

May 1, 2017 - May Day at YYZ
When: Monday, May 1st, 1pm
Where: Toronto Pearson International Airport, 6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga

Spring is here and right around the corner is May Day, the day workers around the world come together to celebrate International Worker's Day.

Join us at Canada's largest workplace, Toronto Pearson International Airport, to celebrate our acheivements as co-workers. Together we power this huge workplace, sending people and their belongings across the country and out into the world. Our work also helps to welcome millions of travellers to Toronto and Canada.

Last spring thousands of you signed the TAWC "$15 and Fairness" petition calling for a living wage and improved working conditions for us at YYZ. Your incredible solidarity opened the door to meaningful discussions on the issues. Thank you!!!

Facebook event

May 1, 2017 - May Day
When: Monday, May 1st, 5pm
Where: Dufferin Grove Park, 875 Dufferin Street

May Day was born out of militant working class struggle. First declared by the 2nd Internationale to commemorate the Haymarket Affair of May 1886, it is celebrated around the world as International Workers Day—not just in the centres of capital, but also in the peripheries (the so-called "Third World") where the contradictions between the exploiting class and the exploited are most often at their sharpest.

As the crisis of capitalism deepens, so increases the pressure, hardship, and violence upon the exploited and oppressed. Once again we find ourselves facing a resurgence of fascism. Let us gather this May 1st to affirm the unity of the international working class.


Facebook event

May 1, 2017 - Art and Tomatoes
Opening Reception & Festival Party: Monday May 1st, 7pm
Where: Steelworkers Hall, 25 Cecil Street

Art and Tomatoes is a visual exhibition and public installation that highlights and reflects on the Justice For Migrant Workers' Harvesting Freedom campaign. It was organized to mark the 50th year in which migrant farmworkers have come to Canada to feed our families yet have no access to citizenship. It was one of the most important workers' rights, anti-racist, migrant justice mobilizations of 2016. Exhibiting at three distinct spaces - a contemporary art gallery, an activist design studio and a workers union hall - this fluid intersection of art, design and activism carries a deep intentionality about the artworks and their impact. Art and Tomatoes also serves as a conduit for the unapologetic demand of its organizers - young, queer, gender nonconforming, Indigenous and people of colour - to be recognized as artists and leaders in their communities.

www.mayworks.ca | Facebook event

May 1, 2017 - Training for Climate Action in Toronto
When: May 1st, 7pm
Where: Quaker House, 60 Lowther Avenue

Learn how to make a deputation, write a letter to the editor and talk to your city councillor about climate change in preparation for the TransformTO 2050 Climate Action Report.


May 2, 2017 - The Maribor Uprisings
When: Tuesday, May 2nd, 6pm
Where: Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Avenue
Tickets: boxoffice.hotdocs.ca

n the once prosperous industrial city of Maribor, Slovenia, anger over political corruption became unruly revolt. In THE MARIBOR UPRISINGS, which is part film, part conversation and part interactive experiment, you are invited to participate in the protests. Drawing on the dramatic frontline footage from a video activist collective embedded within the uprisings, you begin in Maribor as crowds surround and ransack City Hall under a hailstorm of tear gas canisters. As a group, you must choose which cameras you will follow and therefore how the events will unfold. Like those who joined the actual uprisings, you will decide between joining non-violent protests or following rowdy crowds towards City Hall and greater conflict.

These events stand as an example for any number of ideological stand-offs today. What sparks outrage? How are participants swept up in - and changed by - confrontations with police? Could something like this happen in your city? What would you do?

Facebook event

May 2, 2017 - Double Exposure: Art and Activism
When: Tuesday, May 2nd, 7pm
Where: A Different Booklist Cultural Centre, 777 Bathurst Street
$5 donation (suggested minimum)

The co-editors of the recent groundbreaking anthology Double Exposure: Plays of the Jewish and Palestinian Diasporas, will talk about their journey putting together this volume of seven plays that tackle the Palestine-Israel conflict. Written by Jewish and Palestinian playwrights in diaspora it offers perspectives that turn the political into the personal. The evening will include readings from their plays Tales of a City by the Sea by Samah Sabawi and Sperm Count by Stephen Orlov followed by a conversation about the role and power of art in activism and then open to Q&A.

Facebook event

May 3, 2017 - Queer Returns
When: Wednesday, May 3rd, 7pm
Where: Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street West

Another Story Bookshop and Pages UnBound present the Toronto launch for:

Queer Returns: Essays on Multiculturalism, Diaspora and Black Studies by Rinaldo Walcott

Featuring a conversation with Rinaldo Walcott and Andrea Fatona.

Facebook event

May 4, 2017 - It Takes a Riot
When: May 4th, 6:30pm
Where: 350 Victoria Street, Room Lib 72

Race. Rebellion. Reform.
A documentary to mark the 25th anniversary of the Yonge Street Uprising.

The Akua Benjamin Legacy Project in partnership with the Social Justice Institute at Brock University, commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Young Street Uprising. On May 4 we debut the long anticipated film “It Takes A Riot” followed by a panel discussion.


May 4, 2017 - Ottawa and Empire
When: Thursday, May 4th, 7pm
Where: Another Story Bookshop, 315 Roncesvalles Ave

In June 2009, the democratically elected president of Honduras was kidnapped and whisked out of the country while the military and business elite consolidated a coup d’etat. To the surprise of many, Canada implicitly supported the coup and assisted the coup leaders in consolidating their control over the country.

Since the coup, Canada has increased its presence in Honduras, even while the country has been plunged into a human rights catastrophe, highlighted by the assassination of prominent Indigenous activist Berta Cáceres in 2016. Drawing from the Honduran experience, "Ottawa and Empire:Canada and the Military Coup" in Honduras makes it clear that Canada has emerged as an imperial power in the 21st century.

Tyler Shipley is professor of Culture, Society, and Commerce at the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. He is an Associate Fellow with the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC). He has written for academic journals and local and mainstream media across North America and Europe.

Facebook event


An Economic Policy for France
Despite the fact that France is not yet out of the economic stagnation that followed the 2007-08 crisis, Emmanuel Macron and François Fillon want to continue and to intensify the policies of cuts to public expenditure, dismantling the social and State labour-rights, that were applied without pause by the previous governments. These policies have only served the richest in society. They only lead to immerse the country in the vicious circle of unemployment and precariousness, terrain of the rise of the FN [Front National] whose false social "varnish" can barely hide their profoundly racist and xenophobic nature and the incoherence of their economic propositions.

Source: The Bullet No. 1398

What Basic Income Means for Disabled People
By AJ Withers and John Clarke

Disabled people in Ontario are much more likely to experience poverty than non-disabled people. Many have to live on sub-poverty payments under the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or the even more wretched income provided by Ontario Works (OW). Those that are in this situation are confronted by an ongoing process of surveillance, invasion of their privacy and moral policing. Those disabled people who are working, because of systemic discrimination, are less likely to be receiving living wages and are far more likely to be precariously employed. As anti poverty organizers, we fully understand the anger and desperation that such a situation generates.

Source: The Bullet No. 1399

South Africa, a Dream Betrayed
The current government of President Jacob Zuma is witness to major brawls between rival elite factions, amidst growing corruption scandals. The historical alliance between the ANC, the SACP and COSATU is fracturing. Protests and demonstrations calling for Zuma to resign are growing. Out of this ruin, a new South African working class movement may yet emerge.

Presentation by Eli Kodisang, recorded in Toronto, 20 April 2017.

Source: LeftStreamed No. 347

In the Shadow of Social Democracy
By Ingo Schmidt

We live in a paradoxical world. Much debate on the radical left revolves around multitudes of discontented groups -- sometimes lumped together as the 99%, sometimes rebranded as precariat -- struggling against an abstract empire and its 1% rulers. Capitalism and class -- once serving as a compass to navigate left politics through the apparently chaotic sees of everyday life -- have turned into subjects of theoretical debate with little to no connection to political praxis. Vacated by the left, a new right adopted the language of class to appeal to those who were steamrolled and marginalized by economic globalization. Many of the policies advanced by the new right could have been taken out of social democratic programs of old but are now loaded with claims to racial and national superiority.

Source: The Bullet No. 1400



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