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Apr 28, 2016
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April 28, 2016


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Stop the Privatization of Hydro One
The privatization of Hydro One will only lead to higher electricity prices for the citizens and businesses of Ontario. Hydro One belongs to the people of Ontario and doesn't need to be sold to have value.

The Ontario government has a history of privatizing taxpayer assets which ultimately ends up costing taxpayers far more than any of the short term benefits which were achieved by the sales.


Historical Materialism Toronto 2016
The 2016 Historical Materialism Organizing Committee is looking to recruit approximately 20 volunteers to assist us during the conference. The conference will take place Friday May 13th until Sunday May 15th at the Keele campus of York University, Toronto, ON. In return for working one three-hour shift, all volunteers will receive free admission to the conference. The work itself will be relatively easy. Volunteers will primarily assist with registration and the distribution of conference packages. However, we may also require assistance with chairing panels as well as assistance with setting up conference rooms and taking down equipment at the end of the conference day. Those interested in volunteering can email historicalmaterialismtoronto@gmail.com. We will then circulate a schedule with shifts to those who have expressed an interest in volunteering.


Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership
In the last federal election, Canadians voted for “Real Change”. So why is the government considering ratification of the Conservative-negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership?

The TPP is a Conservative deal that's bad for Canada.

The government needs to scrap this flawed, Conservative-negotiated deal, and instead deliver on the changes promised to Canadians in the last election.

Add your voice and we'll make sure your message is delivered to the International Trade Minister and your MP - canadianlabour.ca/stoptpp


Apr 28, 2016 - Day of Mourning
When: Thursday April 28th

April 28th is a day of both remembrance and effort; to remember our sisters and brothers killed on the job or died as a result of workplace diseases and a renewal of efforts to achieve healthier and safer workplaces. The day opens with ceremony at 11am in York Region (Woodbridge Memorial Arena) followed by ceremony at Noon in Toronto (Larry Sefton Park). The day ends with the unveiling of the Italian Fallen Workers Memorial, after six long years of painstaking work, at the Columbus Centre in Toronto. Eleven prefabricated columns bear the names and dates of over 900 Fallen Workers.

For more info download the flyer.

Apr 28, 2016 - Degrowth and The Economics of a Sustainable Society
When: Thursday April 28th, 6pm - 9pm
Where: Steelworkers Hall, 25 Cecil St., Toronto.
Participation is free but please RSVP.

The Growth Paradigm:
In this session, we look at the systemic bias towards resource-fueled growth, its drivers and its ideological foundations, etc. In other words, we will look at why the system acts in
the way that it does.

Contact and RSVP: katie@toronto350.org | attac-ontario.org

Apr 29, 2016 - Land and Social Justice in Colombia
When: April 29th, 7pm
Where: Holy Trinity Church, 19 Trinity Square

Prospects for the Peace Deal

Care about peace in the Americas? Come hear a leading Colombian voice on the state of the peace negotiations and land issues in Colombia

Alfredo Molano is a prominent Colombian thinker and weighty voice in Colombia on the peace process and land issues in particular. He is the Studs Terkel of Colombia. He is well known for polishing up and publishing the stories of ordinary people, particularly those who struggle for land. He has published many books, but is probably best known for his widely read weekly column in El Espectador, one of the two main newspapers. Recently the peace negotiators in Havana named him to the Historical Commission, a group of 14 intellectuals who each wrote their analysis of the roots of the conflict. Molano's analysis is basically that it revolves around land, but of course he has a more specific spin on that which is worth hearing directly from him at this event!

lacsn.weebly.com | Facebook event

Apr 30, 2016 - Circles of Change
When: Saturday, April 30, 9:00 am Registration & Refreshments | 9:30 am to 11:30 am Workshop
Where: Bloordale United Church, 4258 Bloor St. West (In the Gymnasium)
Entrance off the large parking lot behind the church. Handicapped Accessible
Accessible by TTC Bus #49 from Kipling Subway Station

Circles of Change: Moving Forward on Right Relations

Following a short video on the Truth and Reconciliation's 94 Calls To Action, join in a Circles of Change sharing circle led by Indian Residential School survivors from Toronto's Council Fire Native Cultural Centre.

For further information, please contact Mary Wilson (416-231-1207) or email vbeane@rogers.com | www.kairoscanada.org

Apr 30, 2016 - Teddy Bears Picket
When: Saturday April 30th, 11am
Where: Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto

Supporters and patrons of Toronto's 100 library branches will be gathering at Nathan Phillips Square this Saturday, April 30 from 11 am to 1 pm for a special Teddy Bears Picket!

It's all in support of the Toronto Public Library Workers Union - CUPE Local 4948 - who are trying to negotiate a fair contract with the library board.

There will be music, readings by children's authors, face painting and other kid's activities, as well as special appearances by prominent library supporters. And Teddy Bears - lots and lots of Teddy Bears!

We need everyone to come - tell your friends - so we can send a strong message of support for the staff who make our libraries great. Come join the fun - show your support for Toronto's library workers. Bring the whole family, including Teddy or your favourite snuggly friend!

www.local4948.org | ourpubliclibrary.to

Apr 30, 2016 - Terror & the Art of Resistance
When: April 30th, 1pm
Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St.

“We won’t allow Canada to become a place of refuge for terrorists, thugs, [and] snakeheads.”

When Alykhan Velshi, aide to then Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, said these words in 2010, who was he talking about?

Join a discussion about art, resistance, and national security. From Bill C-51 to police carding, from the Ocean Lady to indefinite detention, we’ll be talking with community advocates and lawyers about what it feels like to be the subject of state terror.

This won’t be your typical talk. Stay tuned for details on speakers, multimedia, and interactive activities!

This event is part of Critical Mass Series: Conversations We Can’t Have in Tamil. Organized by the Canadian Association of Muslim Women in Law and Critical Mass Series.

Apr 30, 2016 - May Day 2016
When: Saturday, April 30th, 7pm
Wher: United Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto

The United May Day Committee keeps alive the tradition of International Workers’ Day by organizing an indoor rally to complement the annual march on the streets of Toronto. The event brings together prominent labour, political, and international speakers with a rich array of talented dancers, singers, poets and musicians from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Featured among the speakers are John Cartwright, President, Toronto & York Region Labour Council, Drew Garvie, Central Committee Member, Communist Party of Canada and Mariam Abou-Dib, Executive Assistant to the President, Canadian Labour Congress. Artists in the cultural program include drum ensemble Baro Dununba, poets Dane Swan and Mahlikah Awe:ri, and musicians Baljit & Sumit Bains, Tony Quarrington, and Mama Conway and the Christie Pits Pickers.

Facebook event

May 1, 2016 - 31st Mayworks Festival
The 31st edition of the Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts will take place from May 1 – 14, 2016 at various locations throughout the GTA. This year’s multidisciplinary program features visual arts exhibits, a walking tour, a film screening, theatre performances, concerts, and interactive community workshops.


May 1, 2016 - Heritage Toronto Labour Tour
When: Sunday May 1st, 10:30am
Where: College St & Spadina Ave (SE corner)

This Sunday is MayDay! Experience the stories of working-class life in and around Spadina Ave through the 20th Century with a walking tour by HeritageTO and celebrated labour historian Craig Heron. This tour is sponsored by the Labour Council in celebration of 145 years of working together for justice. Tour starts 10:30am at College St & Spadina Ave (SE corner).


May 1, 2016 - May Day 2016
When: Sunday, May 1st, 1pm
Where: Beginning in Dundas Square (Yonge and Dundas).

Every year on May 1st grassroots organizations in Toronto rally and march to mark International Worker’s Day, for migrant and worker’s rights and in support of Indigenous people’s struggles. Themed around the most pressing issues of the day and committed to people’s struggles against oppression and exploitation, May Day unites people’s struggles for self-determination and liberation. We continue this tradition in 2016, rallying and marching against colonial and capitalist attacks on our communities here and Canadian imperialism’s plunder and attacks on peoples across the world.

This year, May Day organizing seeks to highlight the struggles of, and resistance to anti-black racism, police brutality, and issues deeply affecting black communities.

Facebook event

May 4, 2016 - Yonge Street Uprising of May 1992: Linking Past Resistance to Today's Struggle
When: Wednesday, May 4th, 6pm
Where: Yorkgate Mall, 1 Yorkgate Blvd, Toronto
Seneca College in Yorkgate Mall (north west corner of Jane Street and Finch Avenue)
Room 218/219 (2nd floor of the mall)

Come out and commemorate the 24th anniversary of the Yonge Street Uprising that took place on 4 May 1992. The event starts at 6:00PM on May 4.

We will be facilitating a discussion on the relevance of the Yonge Street Uprising to the present experience of police/state violence, social neglect and the general economic exploitation of racialized working-class communities in Toronto.

We are going to examine the experience of that youth-led rebellion and the lessons that must be drawn from it by today's organizations and movements that are organizing or mobilizing oppressed peoples for liberation.

Facebook event

May 5, 2016 - [Your computer] Ending Migrant Worker Exploitation
When: Thursday, May 5th, 1pm EST
Where: On your telephone or your computer

For the last ten years, we’ve seen a rise in laws that deny migrant workers basic rights and simultaneously an increase in anti-immigrant sentiment that blames migrant workers for job loss and low-wages. Now, with a new government in Ottawa, we need to work together to turn the tide. We need to ensure permanent immigration status and full rights for all workers.

Join the Coalition for Migrant Worker Rights Canada on May 5, 2016 to learn about:
– The upcoming parliamentary review of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program
– Possible changes to the Caregiver Program
– Harvesting Freedom campaign marking 50 years of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program.

Space is limited, please RSVP at migrantrights.ca/en/may5mtg


What Die Linke Should Do
By Bernd Riexinger

The March 13 regional election results were a bitter setback for Die Linke and everyone fighting for social justice and democracy in Germany. The results of the parliamentary elections in Saxony-Anhalt, Baden-Württemberg, and Rhineland-Palatinate signify a major shift in the political landscape. For years now, studies have identified a potential voting base for parties of the far right ranging from 15 to 20 per cent of the electorate. Germany's rising right-populist force, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), has now managed to capture and concentrate this potential.

Source: The Bullet No. 1246

What Did Quebec Public-Sector Unions Achieve?
By Ashley Smith

After a wave of protests and job actions that culminated in Quebec's largest general strike in decades last December, public-sector unions have agreed to a series of contracts with disappointing concessions that raise questions about where the struggle in Quebec will go next. On December 9, more than 400,000 workers shut down government services to defend their wages, benefits and working conditions.

Source: The Bullet No. 1247

After the Sands: Energy and Ecological Security for Canadians
The Paris climate accords were strong on aspirations to keep the world below 2C temperature rise but very weak on delivery. Despite Trudeau's claims that Canada is back, Ottawa has stuck with Stephen Harper's pathetic climate targets. To meet its commitments, each country must find its own unique road map. Canada doesn't have one. Gordon Laxer outlines a bold strategy to get with the global move to a low carbon society, run on conservation and renewable energy sources including wind, solar and low-impact hydro to ensure that all Canadians, including those on lower incomes, have access to a sufficient amount of energy as a human right.

Moderated by Angela Bischoff. Presentation by Gordon Laxer.

Source: LeftStreamed No. 306

Confronting Injustice, Choosing Social Activism
By Umair Muhammad

Bold and imaginative activism is difficult to find precisely at a time when we need it most. However, it is not the case that activism in general is in short supply; one finds, in fact, that activist ideals and vocabulary have securely made their way into everyday life. However, this leaves society fundamentally unchanged when the messages communicated by activists are distorted and then used to reinforce the social realities that they were originally devised to change.

Source: The Bullet No. 1248


Steelworker Summer Co-ordinator
The United Steelworkers is seeking a co-ordinator for Steelworker Summer 2016. This program is an opportunity for high school, college and university-aged children of Steelworker members to learn about workers' rights, and engage in activities to educate, organize and mobilize for progressive change. It is also designed to give participants an understanding and appreciation of the positive impact the union has had on their parents' working lives.

Steelworker Summer is committed to uniting students, workers, and community activists to bring about social justice through workplace and community organizing. Out of the United Steelworkers’ Canadian National Office (at 234 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto), the co-ordinator will:
1. (May and June) Develop a program for a group of 6-12 young adults to engage them in the life of the union and of its community partners, primarily but not exclusively in the Greater Toronto Area; and then
2. (July and August) Implement the program by accompanying and supervising the work of the young adults participating in the 2016 Steelworker Summer program, including to the World Social Forum in Montreal

The co-ordinator will receive compensation of $1,200/week as well as reimbursement for authorized expenses at standard USW rates.
Candidates should submit their application and resumé by May 2, 2016 to:
Adriane Paavo
United Steelworkers
800-234 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario M4P 1K7
(416) 487-6235 (fax)



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