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Jun 30, 2016
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June 30, 2016


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Chief Science Officer
The government has committed itself to establish the position of Chief Science Officer. That is great. However, remember how the previous government got rid of the then Science Advisor in 2008 by simply not renewing his contract? We need a Chief Science Officer who is independent, who serves Parliament and the public and not just the PM, and who cannot simply be dismissed.

Our Right to Know has therefore started an e-petition. This is a new mechanism that allows citizens to start a petition to any member of the government, as long as the sponsor is supported by at least 5 other signatories, and a current MP is willing to take it forward. If it garners a minimum of 500 votes, it must be debated in Parliament.

In our petition we ask the government to establish the position of Chief Science Officer through an act of law. Kennedy Stewart, the NDP Critic for Science, will take the petition forward. The more signatures we can garner, the more effective the petition will be.

Getting an independent Chief Science Officer is one of the building blocks of moving towards public science for the public good. By no stretch of the imagination is it sufficient - it will take many many different types of actions - but it is one important aspect. Please click on the hyperlink and sign and please distribute this message to your networks.

9th Annual Organic Garlic Fundraiser
The Ontario Health Coalition works to improve the public health system: to save local health care services, stop cuts and privatization and keep our community hospitals vibrant. We believe compassion should come before profit and all should have equal access to care based on need, not wealth. We work to ensure that these values which underlie Public Medicare in Canada are protected and strengthened.

By ordering garlic with us, you are supporting this vital work. You are also supporting local farmers by purchasing fresh, Ontario-grown garlic.



Jun 30, 2016 - Digital Stories Screening: Voices For Change
When: June 30th, 7pm
Where: Beit Zatoun, 612 Markham St.

A Casa-Pueblito program, Voices for Change: Developing Leadership in Inclusive Education, works to increase Latin American student success and retention rates by providing a space for secondary students to champion diversity and inclusivity in schools and communities through the Youth Change-Maker program.

This year, Youth Change-Makers (coming from both the TDSB and TCDSB) created digital stories to bring awareness to issues contributing to the shocking 40% dropout rate among Toronto-area Latin American students. We hope you’ll join us for a special screening!


Jun 30, 2016 - This Ain't Canada Day Fundraiser & Launch Party
When: Thursday June 30th, 8pm
Where: The Central, 603 Markham Street
$10 - $20 sliding scale - No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds

Come celebrate resistance to colonialism with the kick-off to the Beehive Design Collective's Art of Resistance Tour vol.2 and the Toronto launch of The Media Co-op's Dominion magazine Special Issue on Indigenous Land Defence: Warrior Up!

Facebook event

Jul 3, 2016 - Keep Hydro public at Pride!
When: Sunday, July 3rd, 9am
Where: in front of the OPSEU building at 31 Wellesley East

Come out as we take the message of keeping Hydro One in our hands to Toronto's Pride. We'll be canvassing on Sunday, July 3rd all day at a prime location in front of the OPSEU building at 31 Wellesley East. It'll be a chance to talk to thousands of people about the importance of keeping Hydro public, getting them to fill out a form letter on the spot, sign a petition or just take some materials. There will be three 3-hour shifts during the day (9am-noon, noon-3pm and 3pm-6pm).

(There'll also be a short planning meeting to iron out last details before the canvass on Tuesday, June 21st at OPSEU at 31 Wellesley East.)

Facebook event

Jul 3, 2016 - We Remember Lac Megantic
When: Sunday July 3rd, 1pm
Where: Bartlett Ave and CPR rail line (north of Dupont)

Three years ago a train carrying unconventional crude exploded in the centre of Lac Megantic, Quebec killing 47 residents. Today we are reminded that that same train trailed through the heart of Toronto before continuing east. We will take time to remember each of those 47 lives and commit ourselves to preventing a similar disaster in our city.


Jul 4, 2016 - BREXIT: What Happened?
When: Monday, July 4th, 7pm
Where: United Steelworkers' Hall, 25 Cecil St

The result of the EU referendum in the UK is sending shock waves throughout the world. The institutions of capitalism are in crisis and for the 1% the threat of "contagion" is terrifying. For the left the result can offer openings for a more radical perspective on global capitalism but there is also the danger of the far-right using the crisis to grow and to spread more hate and xenophobia. Join us for a public forum and discussion abut the referendum and its implications in Canada and abroad.

Hosted by the International Socialists | www.socialist.ca


The Resistible Rise of the Far Right in Europe
The rise of the radical right in Europe raises many questions. The key here is the crisis of European democracies. To counteract this development, the Left is confronted with great challenges: overcoming mass unemployment and nationalism, and defending democracy. The victory of the candidate of the Greens, Alexander Van der Bellen in the second round of Austria's presidential elections over the far right contender is certainly a reason for relief. In case the latter one had prevailed Austria would be the first West European country with a straight forward radical right winger as head of state; who moreover in line with Nazi tradition regards Austria as part and parcel of historic German territory, which in itself not only contradicts Austria's constitutional law but also runs against Europe's post-war order. In any case, the extreme narrow result with a margin of only one per cent between the two candidates reveals the precarious state of Austria's democracy.

Source: The Bullet No. 1271

Public Exposures: the art-activism of Condé and Beveridge
The Public Exposures symposium brought together participants from diverse communities and working sectors -- practicing artists, community activists, union members, educators and students. Inspired by Condé and Beveridge’s innovative art, and their strategic activism, the broad aims of the symposium were:

* To reflect on issues and strategies that they and many others are engaging -- specifically in the areas of artists’ rights, and art and labour -- and more broadly around needs for social, economic, and environmental justice.
* To energize grassroots collaborations -- renewing/strengthening existing links -- seeding new possibilities for artists and activists working in the public sphere.

Source: LeftStreamed No. 311

Part of the Union? What Should Socialists Argue in the EU Referendum?
Can socialists take a principled position in relation to the UK's European Union membership referendum on 23 June, or should we wish ‘a plague on both your houses’? Christina Delistathi puts the case to ‘leave’, Charlie Hore for a ‘remain’ vote, and Rob Owen for a ‘radical abstention’.

Source: The Bullet No. 1272

History of the Equals
Peter Linebaugh was in Toronto in May 13-16, 2016. An internationally known historian, Professor Linebaugh is considered one of the most important Marxist historians of our time. He is a historian of class struggles in Britain and the colonial Atlantic. A former student of E. P. Thompson, Linebaugh has taught in New York University, Harvard University and the University of Toledo.

Source: The Bullet No. 1273


Canadian Media Guild seeks a union organizer
The Canadian Media Guild / CWA Canada has an exciting opportunity for a Digital Media Organizer. This is a one-year position working out of our Toronto office.

The successful candidate will work with CMG / CWA Canada staff, elected officials and members to develop and carry out campaigns to help grow the union among workers in media-related jobs, with a particular focus on online/digital media. This position is largely self-directed but the organizer will report to the presidents of CMG and CWA Canada.

Wages and benefits are set according to the provisions of the union collective agreement. The deadline is Friday, July 8, 2016.




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