Economic Inequality

Democracy & Corporate Power

Over the past thirty years, a power shift has been taking place.

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Racial Inequality

If you live in Toronto and you're not white, you stand a greater chance of living in poverty.

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Gender Inequality

A new report on incomes, jobs and professions show women still have a long way to go.

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The gap is growing between the rich and poor in Canada and in Ontario

A select group of wealthy Canadians are taking home fat pay cheques sweetened with bonuses and stock options. Meanwhile, a growing number of working people are seeing their incomes drop. They’re either working longer and harder for less pay or they’re grasping at any kind of work — increasingly part-time and temporary. Economic inequality is fundamentally tied to our market system. In both periods of recession and recovery, the inequality between rich and poor has continued to grow. This is why income inequality is at its largest spread than at any point in the last generation. Additionally, when governments are in retreat (as they have been for the last decade), this bad dynamic gets even worse.

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News Letter Post 4

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